3 Steps to Turn “I Wish Into I Will”

Many of us spend our days doing a job out of a sense or duty not love. Years passing with no mercy while we settle for a life that might not be what we truly desire.

During a recent weekend away, I met a much older woman. She has been blessed with a full life. It would seem like the perfect life with a family and decent career. Interestingly, there was a bit of sadness in her eyes when she talked about her dream of being a dancer. She married and started a family which forced her to set aside her love for dance. I asked her if she had any regrets with the choices she made in life. Her response “I love my family and my life. Wouldn’t change where I am today. My only regret is not fighting harder for the things I wanted for myself.”

The brief conversation had an impact on me. It had me thinking about the changes I’ve made recently. I always strive to be the version of me. There have been mistakes or times I’ve given up on something because of how exhausting it has felt. You knock on 10 doors no one is listening, wants to be bothered or you aren’t the right fit. It’s like watching a loop of a doors slam in your face. It hurts! It’s easy to get discouraged when rejection takes hold of your confidence. It’s happened to me over and over during my chase for the dream. Leading to dozens of hiatus that required taking a step back and regroup. I use the pause to make the necessary adjustments to my game plan.

Regardless of what your dream of success looks like. It’s always better to fail in the attempt than never try at all.  Passion – Perseverance – Purpose  are essential throughout the journey to reach your goals. But there are a few other things I do on a regular basis after realizing it’s not one thing that will get me to the next level. It will be a combination of many actions that truly change behavior getting you closer to what you want to accomplish. First and foremost is knowing and understanding what it is you wish to do. The rest is a matter of putting few rules into practice.

  1. Surround yourself with the right people. Create a circle of other successful and motivated people who will challenge your thinking. Connecting with people who are driven, intelligent, more experienced is one of the best ways to plug into your energy source. You will soon find that you’re learning more than you ever imagined.
  2. Make Yourself Accountable. Your actions will produce the results you envision. Shape the life you want for yourself. Do the work and push your limits. You won’t know what you’re capable of until you start trying. Create an environment that will generate a stream of positivity. You will need optimism on the days you have nothing left to give. You are the only one that can change your life to make it all happen.
  3. Believe your story. Whatever the wish or dream is, if you don’t believe it can happen. It won’t.

This past year, I haven’t exactly knocked down doors but a couple of windows have opened for me. Ten of my blogs were published on Thrive Global. The blog awakened-woman has reached readers globally. My wish is to help women worldwide one blog at a time. If I can encourage and empower others then I will have fulfilled the goal. Last month, I completed my first manuscript. The next step is figuring out how to get published to reach a wider audience. The work never stops. The one thing I refuse to do is wish my life away. Life is precious, each day is a gift. I want to spend the time making it count.

Hopefully, my thoughts will plant a seed in your garden encouraging you to find new dreams that will bloom in your future. I wish can bring regrets but I will can produce results.

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