The 3 P’s Women Must Remember!

The passion of a woman can engulf the heart and flesh of the most docile of men. The intensity she brings to the world is only matched by her strength. We are fire that can’t be extinguished when determined to get the win. You can try to push down the tiger within by taking away our power. A victory short-lived because when we find our voice we’re a force to be reckoned with – women are fighters. Power of the P.

The perseverance we possess contributes to the American economy like never before smashing glass ceilings in every corner of the US. The current Forbes list of 60 self-made women has a total net-worth of $71 billion. The top 24 women on the list have earned billionaire status. A record worth highlighting as it is 15% higher than last year. These successful women are bosses across several industries. Projected billionaire Kylie Jenner, although not self-made has used her resources to build a make-up empire at the young age of 20. Her savvy use of social media got her hundreds of millions of followers resulting in strong revenues for her company.  Others have created lucrative businesses in fashion/retail, skin care, technology, media and entertainment. The names include billionaire, Diane Hendricks, owner of ABC Supply. The company is the biggest wholesale distributor in the US for siding, roofing and windows.

Willpower is a strong driver of success. Eren Ozmen came to the United States from Turkey. While going to business school she held many part-time jobs including selling homemade baklava and lemonade. During her 20’s she powered through various responsibilities while her husband worked as a janitor at Sierra Nevada. Who could have predicted that years later she and her husband would purchase the bulk of the company? Power of the P.

Have you asked yourself, what is your purpose? These women are obviously very rich but rewards don’t always need to equate to financial or material gain. The end goal should be personal success and will be different for each woman. Is it possible their success is paving the way for others like us? Do their achievements break ground for the next generation of successful women? I believe it will.

We don’t have to float along life’s journey. Recently, I began to ask myself “What does it all mean?” There must be a reason we are put on this earth. Life has to mean more than a physical presence. It was my turning point to begin a personal search for purpose.

For centuries women have been expected to be nurtures, caretakers and martyrs. We give up part of our freedom and identity in order to be accepted. Sometimes allowing labels handed out by society to conform to everyone else’s idea of normal. The triumphs these women have achieved are demonstrating there is no exact mold. Women can have success at large quantities. We are capable of wonderful accomplishments surpassing the boundaries set by limited minds.

Passion – Perseverance – Purpose

Decide what it is you want to achieve. What are you passionate about that brings joy to your heart? When you figure out what that is, go after it with might, wisdom and discipline. Be relentless in the pursuit to attain your goal. You will find your purpose on way to victory. Use the power of the P’s.

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