Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th – What about FaMo’s Day?

I’m grateful to know plenty of men who proudly wear the title of father. We celebrate Father’s day with you. I’ve known these men to be pillars of love and complete support for their families. They’ve been willing participants owning the role, standing front and center in the story of their children’s lives. Thank you to all those good men that rise up every day.

My dad worked a full-time job while I was growing up. Weekdays were for work and rest.  Weekends were the time he took pause to take part in our lives. One of my fondest memory as a child consisted of his homemade milkshakes and bakery runs for me and my siblings. Excited to see the baked goods in store we’d wait by the front door hoping for our favorites.  I’m now a parent myself, divorced mom of a teenager. I do everything humanly possible to stay engaged and present in my daughter’s life. I don’t demand perfection, in turn; she doesn’t expect it from me because we are both aware there is no such ideal. Mistakes will be made; we just have to make sure we do the best that we can for each other.   My father isn’t perfect but who is – he has done the job to the best of his ability. He wasn’t as engaged as I wanted him to be but he was present. “Happy Father’s day, Papi.”

Father’s day also reminds me of all the boys and girls who don’t have the emotional or financial support of their fathers. There are children being raised by single mothers everywhere without a father in the picture by no fault of their own. Single mothers must be praised for holding down the fort alone. It takes courage, endurance and strength to do the job of a village on your own. Hope you are made to feel special today – Happy Father-Mother Day to you, too.

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