When Was the Last Time You Did It?

The daily grind can sometimes drain the joy, positivity, energy and hope from our bodies. You can feel like the hamster on a wheel. It’s hard to get off the ride. Humdrum lives happen to everyone, often. It’s all part of normal life until it becomes a problem. The day we stop laughing out loud is a good time to re-evaluate.

Friday nights are usually uneventful. Recently, I was reminded of how important it is to laugh out loud, smile and do silly things to help remember the lighter side of life.

Last week, I went to drinks with girlfriends to celebrate a birthday. The pressures women face at any given time can get the best of us. Our main priority is to take care of our tribe. Forgetting we also need time to decompress. Are you guilty of doing the same?

There are days, I too, feel the exhaustion. Overwhelmed from the various roles I play in life. Working a full-time job then come home to work on AW and other writing projects. The few hours of sleep is only compensated by the passion for purpose – to spread empowerment by using my words.

The work does not leave much time to goof around or be silly. Time with friends is my reminder that I too, need re-fueling. Laughter is a needed medicine. It brightens up the soul to make life’s hardships more tolerable. Releasing energy while recycling it through a funnel of emotions. The expectation is that when you come out on the other side, you will feel better!

The everyday madness is constant. Work, chores, kids, undesirable commute and nonsense that comes with it. Much of what happens, we have little or no control over. The years strips our youth and stamina and there’s nothing we can do to change it. While life is happening, remember thar tomorrow is not promised. Take a moment to consider the gift you have to listen to a joke and laugh out loud, some people don’t have the luxury.

So, when waa the last time you laughed out loud?

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