18 Days Until the Big Reveal!

A reveal is exciting, mysterious and fun! In 18 days, an unveiling will begin.

If you recall the feeling of anticipation from an upcoming birthday, special holiday, vacation, or date you’ve looked forward to then you can relate to the emotions in play. Most of us have experienced something similar during our lifetime. It can be hard to contain the thrill of knowing you will soon do something that will have you feeling great.

A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” will be ready for you to see in weeks.

Soon readers will have in their hands a new book! Millions of books are released each year. You may question, what sets this read apart from the rest?

The journey, so far, has been a mixed bag of sweet and sour moments. Luckily, the wonder of life is that unknowingly, it places you on a unique path. The unraveling sets in motion an inquisition of sorts. The answers build a story as you go. Choices made along the way not only alter the storyline. Ultimately, the decisions you make lead to an ending that was designed just for you.

Average woman born and raised in the heart of New York City to Dominican parents. I have encountered love, heartbreak, loss of identity, financial woes, disappointment, and pain. However, each of these has helped me experience unimaginable personal growth. The beautiful moments have certainly outweighed the bad ones. I accept that hardships will continue to challenge my will but won’t force me into surrender or defeat.

Readers of AW come from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic levels, countries, ethnicities, religions, political and social views with varying life experiences. What do you and I have in common that will make you want to read this book?

I am the average woman trying to figure out relationships, finances, motherhood and career while still holding on to my identity for dear life! Same as you. Hopefully, reading about my journey will inspire you to carve your own path to becoming your best self.

Stay tuned for details on a LIVE launch book party!

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