The Tiger Within…

Aria had a life most would be content with at her age. A college degree helped her gain traction in an industry known for its rainmakers. The salary was sufficient to provide a decent living in New York City. Her job as an assistant to a hedge fund partner was lucrative but not fulfilling. Many in the industry assumed she and others like her remained in the role for lack of aspiration or intelligence. Speculation that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Her upbringing was modest but didn’t lack for anything. An appreciation for hard work helped her attain a good education and strong work ethic. Those who worked with her liked the determination she demonstrated to get work done. Her knack for being resourceful, committed and savvy kept her in the game. People working alongside Aria with higher pedigrees could not beat some of the qualities that made her stand out from the rest. She gave everything to crawl up the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, her desire for professional growth fell on deaf ears. She was overlooked several times over the years remaining in the assistant position. Time took a toll on Aria as she wanted more than anything to prove to everyone that she was capable of additional responsibility. She began to feel defeated as attempts for a promotion were stalled by the assistant pigeonhole. In the process of trying to prove her worth, she forgot one important detail. The only one she needed to prove anything to was herself.

The relentless desire to make a difference and be heard created the little engine that could – she kept pushing. A strong belief that there was more out in the world gave her will to find a bigger purpose. Many doors closed in her face. Until the day a window opened letting the light in.

Women’s work experiences are substantially different from men. The challenges in the business world are endless. They range from being undervalued to keeping us out of boardrooms. Women have been earning less than men for years and continue to today. We are at a disadvantage at various levels in corporate America. Aria was cognizant of all the obstacles standing in her way. Feeling that she couldn’t go through the barriers forced her to go under them.

No one around her realized she kept a secret weapon in her arsenal. She had been writing since the age of 14. The hidden passion won her various young writers contests. But also opened her up to rejection from others which averted efforts to pursue the craft. It was a forgotten talent until she came across a quote that reigniting her passion.

Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”Virginia Woolf

The tiger within took over the next phase of her life. One evening with pen, paper and laptop in hand Aria set out to write the tale of her journey as a woman in business. She was awakened to the fact that everyone has a story. Choosing to share hers with the world became her biggest, bravest and most successful triumph. She dared to show greatness at something she loved. It became her driving force to help others find their own courage.

Now, I dare you to find THE TIGER WITHIN!

“Protected content. 2018”

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