2 Things You Can Do Today to Get Out of Your Ditch

The work week can be a vacuum draining happy or positive energy sometimes. People around you may have a similar way of stealing your good vibes if you let them. The days can get away from you. It’s normal to feel like a hamster on the wheel with all the day to day responsibilities. Enough of the groundhog days are brutal on our psyche. Does any of it sound familiar?

We all struggle with these feelings. In the midst of the cycle of routines we forget how much control we have of our lives. If you want different you must be the one to make a choice to flip things around. Think of something you can do differently that will offer improvement. You’ll be surprised the great effects this can have on your mental well-being.

This morning, I woke up with purpose. A desire to take action. I decided to do something to help me jump off my wheel. It’s a beautiful Saturday in New York. The sun is glowing as it graces us with its strongest rays. I have health, youth, love and a future yet to be determined. The sky’s the limit.

There are two things I’m doing today. The first, I practice every day Gratitude. The ongoing work to remain in a state of thankfulness fills me with hope. It reminds me of all of life’s gifts. When I don’t practice gratitude it seems something is always missing. It becomes a game of name all the things I don’t have. Trust me it’s an unhealthy way to live. It creates significant internal turmoil. Over time, you begin to feel like it’s never enough. It is painful to set yourself up that way. The reality is that many of us do this constantly.

The second to do for the day is in progress. I’m on way to a Long Island beach but more than that – I’m on way to enjoy a little slice of life today with a friend. Sharing time and life’s stories brings laughter, reflection and reminds us that as long we have a tomorrow to look to there is an opportunity to remove ourselves out of our ditch!

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