2019 Gives Rise to AW, The Book

Every year we take inventory. Evaluate careers, relationships, finances, goals and wellness. Taking pause to look at the areas of our lives that need tweaking.

In 2018, a friend suggested that I write a list of goals or dreams. These would be things I’d pursue in the name of happiness. When sitting down to write my list, I found that what I wished for had nothing to do with a bigger house, car or a million dollars. It seemed simple, yet difficult because I had no idea where to begin. I wanted to find purpose in life. Having an impact on others was a key part of it. I realized the power in sharing my stories and experiences would lead the way. My hope was to empower, encourage and inspire women all over the world. The question became “How was I going to accomplish this huge task?”

You have been hurt, betrayed or endured pain caused by life’s challenges. You’ve fought exhaustion, depression, financial struggle and other difficulties. Often giving every ounce of yourself in the process. So much, you forget about yourself. I’ve been there, too.

You are a strong woman. A hero in your own life. Eventually, awakened or will be by some type of loss. Divorce, death, job, breakup or true self. We’ve all experienced some  pain through loss. But this is also where you find your greatest strength.

Divorce after 10 years of loving one man was one of many breaking points during adulthood. However, it didn’t kill, destroy or shatter me. It was what I needed to learn how to build myself up. It helped me grow into the woman I am today. Courageous, wiser, more determined than ever to win in life. Most of all, grateful. If you ask, how I got passed the anguish? How did I survive the turmoil? I kept pushing forward. Looking back was not an option. The road returning from heartbreak was dark at times with moments of light. Dare I say, I owe the woman I’ve become, partly to this extremely difficult time. It forced me to enlist on a journey of self-discovery which continues today.

As women, we experience life differently than men. I’ve chosen to share my story in the form of a blog each day in hopes it inspires others. In 2019, my first book will be published. The AW community will be able to read the story of a woman who is familiar. It can be the tale of any of the females reading this blog. It’s the woman who goes out to work each day, lives paycheck to paycheck and loves with all she’s got. She has also suffered through the disillusionment of love. Seen the end of a marriage or relationship that left emotional scars. But these events can give birth to new beginnings. They can open you up to a state of awareness. Unchartered territory you might not have sought out, would it not have been for this life-changing event.

Part memoir, part prescriptive nonfiction, A Journey to Becoming The Best Self combines personal narrative and practical advice to show how it‘s possible to find a place of acceptance and joy after losing a marriage, relationship and love. The word “divorce” has a negative connotation, and rightly so. It can be one of the most painful life-changing things to occur in anyone’s life. An emotionally crippling event for many women, initially it was nothing less than devastating for me. However, it has been the most significant growth experience in my life. A Journey to Becoming The Best Self is the story of how a woman comes out on the other side of pain much stronger and more beautiful.

Women are warriors. We carry our families on the backs of our hopes and dreams, willing to sacrifice the desires we hold dear to care for those we love. Our compromises go far beyond what is fair. Sometimes, this takes us to a place of unhappiness but we do it for love. Identities lost and power relinquished to live up to an idea. Although, divorce took me through a vortex of depression, anger and fear, it’s all been worth it to arrive at the place I am today. The book touches on love, relationships, friendships, parenting, dating, new love, finances and self-care. It explores many of the challenges encountered after leaving a marriage or any relationship. The immense sadness and pain, bitterness and trepidation of letting go of a relationship – an ideal. Where do you go from there? Finally, it provides a picture of the amazing love that is possible after you heal. The greatest of loves, self-love.

I’m excited to share this new phase of the journey with you. I hope when you read the book, not only you find it compelling but you will relate to it as a woman. Owning our stories is a powerful way to empower others. Learning the lessons will free us from the past, bringing us closer to acceptance. Freedom.

Stay tuned for more details to come on the goodreads, Spring, 2019. In the meantime, I invite you to  continue to enjoy the newest blogs in the coming year. The purpose is to keep delivering more interesting, informative and thought-provoking articles to inspire, encourage and empower women everywhere. This year will be our best, yet.

The possibilities are endless. 2019 is a year of self-love, happiness and well-being.

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