Where Are You in the Crossroads of Your Life?

Have you stopped at an intersection only to find out that you aren’t sure which way you should go?

During my 20’s, I looked at the world as my oyster. I possessed the energy of a teenager and drive of a bulldozer. My dreams were all within reach because I felt invincible. The 30’s placed me in front of a picture of reality. There were diapers to change, bills to pay that came with a demanding partner. The juggling act lasted 10 years until the ball with my name on it crashed in a million pieces. It was a defining moment in my life. It was the arrival at a significant part of the journey into womanhood.

The realization that life was about to test my will was undeniable.  I’m not sure it was the air, sign of the times or pressure I’d been experiencing. Looking back, it’s possible that watching the woman I was, shrink to nothingness ignited a spark. It was evident the fork at the road I was standing on was going to force change. The turmoil and fear was almost paralyzing  but inaction would have made everything worse. It was then, after all the soul-searching and evaluating bad behavior on both parts. I made the decision to take a right on happiness at the turn. It placed me on the road to independence. It was painful beyond words as the feelings grew stronger telling me I was doing best by me. Divorce was imminent.

I remember thinking “The decision is done, I’ve taken a step. Now, it’s a smooth sail to happy town.” Boy! was I off on that one. Today in my 40’s, I can tell you with absolute certainty. The journey as a woman and human being doesn’t stop there. It would be a relief to tell you there haven’t been other forks during subsequent travels. LIES!

What advice can I offer? Expect crossroads at every few turns. Don’t be afraid of them or any change that comes behind it. These are the moments that bring the strongest personal growth. We need to develop the human spirit to create a more authentic and happy self. Hang in there during these times because great power comes from being resilient.

Are you at a crossroads in your life? What will you do about it?

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