Is There a Noose Around Your Relationship?

There are encounters that will shatter all the rules. Love’s lightning bolt strikes without warning. It might be someone who won’t necessarily meet all the qualities on the checklist but can throw your ship off course. The relationship is whirled wind fun and high intensity excitement. Its fast and furious speed will drag you into an abyss that you don’t want to swim away from because the intoxicating feeling is addictive. Slowly, you begin to feel consumed by the emotion finding yourself without the space to bloom into the woman you’re meant to be.

Whether you just met, dating or married to Mr.Wonderful. This read poses interesting questions. Have you lived a relationship that consumed all your time, mental and physical energy to the point of emotional asphyxiation? Have you ever felt suffocated by a relationship or been accused of doing it to someone else?

The tug of war between losing your sense of self and giving your all is a real struggle for many of us. The power of emotional love can leave our tank with barely enough to take care of ourselves. But a moment will arise when we begin to feel the need for space. We have to allow for evolution of the mind and spirit. Love does not have to mean being handcuffed to your partner. A strong relationship can withstand growth. It welcomes the branches that mushroom as a bond matures. A well planted trunk will stabilize with age so will a relationship if both lovers do the work. Sometimes, partners can stray away from each other in search of something they’re missing. Some of us are displaced during our personal journey but we return to our truths. We cannot hide from life and the fact that each person has their own path to walk. A healthy relationship has to offer the flexibility for personal development, as it will help shape a stronger union.

We don’t need to tie a knot around our partner to keep them close. It is also not acceptable to let anyone think they have a right to confine us in a corral. A relationship of two individuals is a voluntary meeting of emotions. Although, we choose to link our lives with someone. It’s crucial to remember that we have separate thoughts, dreams and aspirations. A few of which we’ll have in common but keep the expectation that some aspects of the journey one must take alone.

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