This Secret Must Be Shared with Every Woman You Know

Women all over the world wake up everyday to fend for their families or themselves with or without help. You’re judged based on status in your relationship, career or lifestyle. Sometimes, people will see the youth and beauty on our skin’s surface missing the true understanding of what we carry in our souls. We are all more than just a shell or fixture of society and the home.

You had dreams as a young girl. Maybe, there were things you planned to do, places you thought you’d visit or a calling you wanted to fulfill. What was your dream? Did you make an attempt to bring it to life?

We often put our lives on hold to help fulfill others’ dreams. A husband that wanted to advance his career. Raising a family while he earned his business degree. The resources weren’t there when your turn came to set the world on fire. You are feeling exhausted and defeated. It’s too late for you now. You can’t do it or not capable. Who do you think you are to even suggest that you can pull off this ridiculous dream? Big or small, you certainly, will not. Guess what? Those negative voices in your head will trick you into believing every word. It will stop in your tracks before you try to jump on that train. Do not listen. Do not hand feed the monsters their win.

We have a responsibility to our loved ones – yes. Helping guide, nurture and set them on a path to happiness. But we also have a human right to be happy, too. You are not responsible for other people’s happiness. This is an individual responsibility. While we are raising our babies, of course, it’s our job as mothers to protect and provide for them. Our husbands, boyfriends, adult children, parents and loved ones can have our total support but not at the price of complete sacrifice. You can compromise timing and priorities to be present for them front and center. The one thing you should never do is give up on yourself. Never, ever give up! Your dreams, desires and goals are important to your well-being.

Doing the things that make you happy will make for a better you. They will help give you balance while juggling all the roles expected of you.

YOU are the secret, You already have the power necessary. It’s inside of you waiting to be unleashed. Sharing this important secret weapon with other women creates empowerment. It also serves as sound advice for those feeling like they’re drowning in their lives but can’t talk about it. Whether it’s in fear judgment or backlash. Don’t allow it to hinder progress. Encourage one another at every chance to find their secret too.

We don’t have to be one thing or give our all to show we’re worthy. We work more effectively and happily when we have a sense of fulfillment. No matter the size of the wish. If you can realize the dreams you set up for yourself, the level of joy is likely to produce more energy to give others.

You don’t have to give it all away. Save a bit for yourself. Start with one small thing you want to do. Be DARING, RELENTLESS and FEARLESS in the pursuit for a greater, happier you. Go get ’em!

Protected content. 2018

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