Not Sorry.

One decision can change the course of life, forever. It can set off a trail of events that may either improve life in some way or throw everything into a funnel of doubt and regret.

Regret is draining and worthless. It has no benefit, other than force you into a world of examination. Contemplating the actions that brought you to this moment. Whether a long thought out decision or spur of the moment one. The time has passed. The wheels are in motion but you can alter the direction of where you want to go next. Decisions impact your life in different ways but don’t have to define you.

Years of bad calls have the potential to haunt us long term. We bathe in its consequences way after making them. But we shouldn’t allow them to stop time or make us feel never ending remorse to the point of self-punishment. Although, one of the toughest things to do is grant yourself acceptance and forgiveness. It’s necessary to heal the soul, put your mind at ease. Coming to terms with things is what helps us push through to the other side of the pain and despair resulting from the guilt of a decision.

A big part of moving on is learning to live with what we’ve done. Men and women – young and old are given choices in life. The decision-making process is more difficult for some, more than others. The initial step is intimidating. The unknown, always is because we never know what’s on the other side.

Recently, I took a chance on something new in my life. The change wasn’t easy but it was needed. The decision was well thought out. Risks were calculated against possible gains. I laid out the pros and cons of what I wanted to do. Aware that things don’t always work out, I forged ahead with the venture. Some time has passed since I turned to this new page. Expectations fell short. It’s an unfortunate outcome but I’m not sorry. I took a leap of faith. This is a temporary setback until I arrive at the next station in my life. Time will come to make another decision that will once again, lead to something different. Despite the disappointment of how my decision has negatively impacted me. I’m not sorry for shaking things up.

We can’t live a life of regret because it would be a true waste. You can be sorry for hurting someone, being less than kind to others or being dishonest. There are many things to feel badly about but when we take an action and it doesn’t work out – it’s not to be sorry. Take the opportunity to learn.

Wisdom can be born from experience; building sound knowledge as you travel life’s journey. Hopefully, filling you with enough empathy to humble you as you navigate through the growth.

So, I askWhat is the lesson to be learned?” I continue to look for answers to my own question? No matter the answer – I’m not sorry.

“Protected content. 2019.”

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