If Today Was Your Last Day

Everyone has a legend to live out in life. We’re well aware of our mortality but it’s a slippery slide when life is running its marathon. We easily fall into a rhythm taking things for granted. News throughout the world reminds us of how precious time is on earth. A recent conversation with a loved one after a friend’s passing forced me to face this subject requiring some reflection.

These past couple days, I’ve wrestled with the reality. We all have a timeline to complete. There will be a time that we’ll no longer live among loved ones, feel their touch or have the capability to take a deep breath. Our existence in this physical place will cease to exist, eventually. A fact that cannot be ignored for long. Forever is not promised to anyone. Lately, I’ve been pondering all kinds of questions. Everyone has thoughts that keep them up at night. This week, some have weighed heavily on my mind, “If today was my last day, what would my legacy be? What do I want people to remember me for?”

We care for our families with everything we have leaving ourselves for last, if necessary. Women don’t think twice about putting their dreams on pause to help their partner or children realize theirs first. It’s the only way we know how to love. Sacrifices are made to help make things work even when the pieces don’t fit quite right. Have you ever thought about what mark will you leave behind for those that crossed paths with you?

During my younger years, I imagined I’d blaze a trail of successes. The definition of success has changed as I’ve evolved. It does not equate to the square footage of a home, number of cars or luxury handbags and shoes. Material possessions aren’t a measure of accomplishments. These are not the things that define me or will make a difference in anyone’s life especially my daughter’s.

Maya Angelou said,  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” She could not have said it better.

When I think about the milestones of my life. The ones I’m most proud of are the moments that I’ve made people feel something. Not just family and friends but anyone that needs encouragement. The idea behind starting a blog was born out of a passion to empower others. Sharing personal stories is my way of connecting with women everywhere. My wish is that a quote or paragraph will give a reader comfort or inspire. Possibly, leading to explore solutions for the questions in their lives. If my words are remembered after I’m long gone. If I’ve invoked emotion in a stranger or loved one by demonstrating empathy. If I have offered someone hope then my legacy will have been fulfilled.

People are bombarded with challenges setting us on different paths. While experiencing our daily lives lets not forget that it isn’t limitless. Living a life where you can create change by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes then expressing it; is a powerful way to begin building a legacy.

Much of my happiness comes from making others feel better. For myself, there is no greater gift I can leave behind than one offering hope to others during trying times. Making a positive impact that will stand the test of time.

What will be your legacy? Will you be happy with the one you leave behind?

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