Removing Those High-Priced Handcuffs

Have you ever felt trapped?

Confined by a lifestyle you enjoy but comes with an expensive price tag. Cornered into a job, you strongly dislike for the toxicity it brings to your life. Working at something you have no passion or interest in but it pays the roof over your head, education, cars or schools. The list of allowances the money provides is endless. The job pays for the life you live. It’s not always about money either. It could be that you’re in a place in life where you feel pinned down by a relationship you know has no future. You won’t admit the ugly truth. Accepting reality, saying it out loud can cost you to lose something that is priceless to you. The thought is terrifying to no end because of the value placed on this love.

As a woman, was there a time you felt the walls were caving in, on your life? Juggling the many roles to perfection without dropping any balls. Making everyone believe you have it all together in a perfect world. Carrying a marriage or relationship draining you physically and emotionally. Doing so, to the point it’s squeezing the life out of you. Taking away your identity, losing yourself to the relationship. Why? for fear of being alone or letting others down, appearances, financial concerns. You have your reasons, as the majority of us do. Expensive way to live, no?

I think the better question is, who hasn’t felt trapped?

We often wear the cuffs for a variety reasons. There are those hoping to maintain a status-quo. While others don’t feel they have a choice. Backing themselves into situations they can’t see a way out of. The sacrifice is costly, depletes you of dignity and happiness. Although, the short term consequences may not be obvious. Over time, the price paid for the life doesn’t equate to what you give up.

So, how do you free yourself from these shackles? Breaking out of this prison is possible. Not a simple task. It requires conviction of what you believe you deserve, as well as, knowing in your core what you want for yourself. These needs won’t necessarily align with other’s views of what is best. You need to understand you’re the only one that can decide what is right for you. Taking control of your mind is the key to opening the cell.

We imprison our minds into thinking we need certain things when in fact, it’s not need but want. Learning the difference between the two is incredibly helpful in staying in balance.

Everyone has their own destiny to fulfill. You cannot pursue the someone else’s goals or dreams. Release yourself from the thought that you have to do things like everyone else. Live a life you love, do the things that bring pride and pure joy.

Those high priced handcuffs can cost you the ultimate prize, your mental health. Nothing is worth that price.

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