Do You Know Why March is an Important Month?

The month of March has many of us thinking of warmer weather. We push clocks forward getting extra daylight to put a pep in our step! The beginning of a new season bringing hope to enjoy life outdoors a bit more, especially for those of us on the East Coast.

March sets off a long trail of events. Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, Daylight Savings, International Earth Day and Women’s day. The greatest and most understated celebratory event during this month – Women’s History Month!

Jimmy Carter gave us one week in 1980 to acknowledge the achievements of American women. In 1987, Congress designated March as Women’s History Month. It was highlighted as a time to applaud the wins of women in America. We’ve come far from decades ago, although, recognition still falls short. Classrooms in America hVe not caught up. The lesson plans continue to praise all of men’s contributions while barely touching on the significance of our gender on society.

Ask your female youth what has been taught in class about women in history? I suspect the responses might be limited.

There have been female Supreme Court judges, a four-star general of the US Air Force, self-made billionaires and a presidential nominee, It’s worthwhile mentioning, there is a record number of women in US Congress today. We have evolved, breaking many boundaries not imagined by our mothers.

Reading of these women’s wonderful accomplishments. Having time to reflect before writing these words was invigorating. It’s human nature to fear but we can’t let it drive us. The women that have plowed through barriers placed by old world thinking confronted a slew of naysayers. Any challenges faced were not enough to break them down. Persistence, determination and passion lead the fight. Purpose and strong will thrust you towards fulfilling a destiny.

Women must work to create their own vision of greatness. The pursuit needs to be relentless, otherwise, the fire will be extinguished. There are always people who will cast a shadow. Tell you what you can and cannot do. Personal insecurities will creep in, fueled by the casualties you will witness ahead of you on the way to success yearned. Do not let them win.

If you’re looking to conquer a goal or dream, load yourself with courage. Each day you wake up, remind yourself that you are a living, breathing life because a woman endured hours, in some cases, days for you to be born. Women before you battled to have a voice whether by voting, speaking up against gender inequality or fighting for the rights of many.

We have an unbelievable ability to overcome. This month take time to consider all things possible if we got together in support of one another.

Think of different ways to contribute that will further push our gender’s progress in society.

Celebrate women’s history month by inspiring, encouraging and empowering other women’s awakening. Lead by example, start with your own.

Happy Women’s History Month, Ladies!

“Protectted content. 2019”

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