Tired, Exhausted and Weary but Bulldozing Through Life – She is Woman

A boxing match usually lasts 12 rounds unless a knockout is called at anytime. Your hands must always remain up in front of your face to protect yourself. If your opponent’s will to win is bigger than yours then he or she will ensure your body caves into the fight. You might get hit over and over again during a match. Each blow is trying to tear you down mentally, physically and emotionally. The challenger is looking for you to surrender. Stamina must be on a full tank to withstand the fight. But don’t be discouraged. Knowledge of opponent’s defense contributes to the winning strategy. Boxers require a combination of skills to go home with the championship belt.

Life at times can a be great adversary but don’t despair because you are a formidable opponent.

I’ve been shadowboxing for over a year but have been fighting for my life much longer. As a woman, mother and provider for my family I go out into the ring every day. Each of us carries markings from being in the trenches. I have my share of battle scars to remind me of my strength. The most intense of my challenges was a contentious divorce. The ordeal caused my knees to wobble for a while but I got back up fighting back with the strongest weapon in my arsenal that will never fail – Heart. I have a lot of it in me. I believe that my mind is stronger than my body. This helps me wake up every day to do what I need for myself and my daughter. We all do. Everyone has reasons to get back up.

The other day, I had a friend say to me “I’m tired.” It wasn’t the weariness of a long day at work. It was more than that, it was the “I’m tired of being everything to everyone.” Being a woman who has felt this way at various times during my life; I know exactly how she was feeling in that moment. Do you know what it feels like? I’m sure you do.

We are fighters. Women are resilient capable of taking on all the roles they’re given to hold up their fort. We keep pushing, striving for a better tomorrow. Our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and ancestors have paved the way for us to be here today. Everyone is going to lose their spark from time to time. When it’s all on your shoulders the struggle will overwhelm. Embrace the dog-tired woman then propel yourself forward to the next moment. If we invite defeat into our lives we’ll never have the things we desire most.

Tomorrow, wake up in gratitude. Take a deep breath going into the ring determined to be the last woman standing.  Believe you are a winner and nothing will stand in the way to where you want to go, what you want to do or be.

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