Danger Lurking Behind Unconditional Love

Love is one of the most powerful emotions a human being can feel for another. It can make us do the most foolish to spectacularly thoughtful acts in the name of it. We’re capable of giving it all including ourselves in the attempt to nourish its growth. Although, sometimes not enough to salvage a relationship or person.

Have you ever lost yourself in the funnel of love? Relinquishing even the involuntary to demonstrate how much you love him or her? Offering such intense love – unconditionally.

We learn love from our parents. Women are taught at a young age to surrender for love. Give up goals, dreams, even identity for a husband or family. The desire to make a home and marriage or relationship work can be tricky. The lines can easily be blurred between compromise and sacrifice. We watch our mothers give up time, careers, themselves in exchange for a chance to create a happy home. It’s done from a deep part of the soul. It happens organically and unselfishly without regret because unconditional love is that powerful.

I’ve fallen in love, madly, deeply without a second thought to myself. A blanket of bliss has covered me from head to toe dressing me in fluttering hearts. It’s wonderful to experience this type of love but what happens when you give so much that you deplete the fountain of its energy? What happens when it’s not reciprocated or boundaries are put in place for you?

We are capable of a vast amount of loving. But a mental post-it note should be there to remind us to turn the love inward first. Everything begins with you. Infusing self-care is essential to stay strong. Unconditional love for anyone becomes a dangerous game when you lose or neglect your needs. There’s a fine line between being a devoted, loyal partner and mother versus a martyr and pushover. It’s important to find the balance between meeting someone halfway and total surrender.

Unconditional love is not a license to mistreat or allow to be taken for granted. Whether on the giving or receiving end of such gift, don’t abuse of it. When offering abundance of love, set some basic conditions. The queen’s rule, love yourself first. Second, give it to those deserving of it.

You may be married, living together dating or just intoxicated by the object of your affection. Live and enjoy the emotion, as it is beautiful. Love can be limitless but doesn’t have to mean serving yourself as the sacrificial lamb.

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