AW Challenge, Week 4: Putting My Body to the Test!

Our bodies are one of the many wonders of life. If we treat it with respect and kindness it may very well take us into the late decades. Teaching it good habits is essential to our well being. Nurturing the physical and mental state of your body provides a potential to produce high returns.

Youth unleashes euphoria that makes one feel forever young. You believe everything is possible because the fire ignited is empowering. But time takes a toll, life settles into a groove. Sometimes, compromising and ignoring the body’s needs. Many reading may be guilty to some degree of the same neglect for different reasons.

Life’s priorities are powerful. The list rules our universe including my own. This week’s challenge was slightly more demanding because it required me to push myself harder. Like a lot of you, my hours are acccounted for on a daily basis. The time left after holding down a job, playing mom, romantic partner, friend and writer leaves little time for self-care. Visits to a gym or initiating an exercise routine at home were not viable. However, I could not continue putting off caring for my health. The sounds of a creaking body kept me up at night!

I invested close to a year visiting a boxing studio but stopped going due to intense stress. My body caved depleting itself of all energy, limiting physical activity. I was tired of being exhausted though and recently, I was reminded that I hold the power for change .

This past week, a return to the gym sparked a rebirth. Plenty of men and women in the world do not get a chance to live out tomorrow. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to do everything possible to create the best self? Setting goals that benefit the mind and body.

The decision to start exercising again was not easy. How many times have you contemplated a commitment that you are not sure to keep? This is part of the challenge, seeing the pursuit through to the end until a goal is accomplished is key. Big or small, the main idea is to fulfill an objective. The icing on the cake is getting positive results!

Start an initative this week that poses a challenge, it isn’t necessary for it to be grandiose. The most important element of the task is for it to require effort that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Design a better self that can withstand hard work. Dare yourself to do something you fear or intimidates you. The first step is scary but once off to the races, you will pick up traction.

What are you planning for Week 4?

Here is what I have, so far: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

Post Comments, results to AW or Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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