The 2 Things Most Men Lie About May Surprise You

Untrue stories can take time to craft or none at all. The right ones can put anyone from a love interest, wife, girlfriend, or any beloved at peace but may also leave unrest. Fooling someone takes effort and can throw anyone into a pool of their own sweat.

Men and women have the capability to conceal information or give a misleading impression. Whether the motive is self-preservation or insecurity, these hidden treasures can be found all around us. Skeletons pile up in the least likely of places. Persons hiding or lying about a variety of things. But do genders lie about the same stuff? What do you think?

According to an article by Readers Digest there is a shortlist of things men lie about, some of which I did not consider prior to writing this article. Plenty will resonate with you since they’re classic tales. He may lie about his feelings, how much he needs you, past relationships or mistakes, fantasies and his personal performance. Probably, not shocking to women reading – is it?

There are other lies often told that can be more surprising to a degree. Honestly, I didn’t have it on my list when writing this article. Once, I began pondering the question it progressively made more sense. Digging into my mental Rolodex, as far back, as humanly possible. I was enlightened by the number of times, recalled that I was unable to get a straight answer on the income question. How much do you make at your job? What is your net-worth? What is your debt-ratio?

I cannot say, I’ve known the financial particulars of any partner, outside of a couple of instances. Staying away from the topic of money was apparently the most appropriate way to proceed in my relationships. In fact, my own parents never really discussed money. Whether inquiring or disclosing finances in a conversation, these matters tend to make people, in general, rather uncomfortable. Women are often more open about what they are experiencing in their lives. Men are less likely to share, therefore, discussing topics like salary, debt, and very personal details does not happen with the same frequency. In fact, the article implies that males may avoid or brush over the subject altogether. Today, I know better and leave the door open to discuss the tough subjects including his credit score, if necessary. You don’t have to outright ask for a man’s salary but there are ways to tell whether his economic standing is steady. You want someone who can meet you halfway, not necessarily take care of you or the other way around. It should want someone that can meet you halfway, as an equal financial partner in the relationship. Do not be afraid to ask the hard questions if you both plan on a long term partnership.

The other fib men find themselves telling is about their height. Stretching inches is not an uncommon practice. Plenty of males add small increments to their stature, as a way to make themselves feel better. In August 2019, GQ magazine published an article about how men lie about their height on dating apps. If you compare the measurements provided on a driver’s license versus what is claimed in person, you may find slight room for error. Although, what’s a few inches when he can make up for it in other ways, right? There are other battles to win, major lies to worry about more than falling short (no pun intended) of his actual height.

Lying by omission is not to be taken lightly because it ruins relationships. Telling a lie about the number of girlfriends you’ve had or how tall you are is less damaging than a lie to do with money or an affair. There are issues that can be repaired in a relationship but trust and candid conversation must take place between the two parties.

Has your guy ever lied to you about anything? Post Comments.

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