Do You Feel Beautiful?

We are born into the world free of bias. There are no insecurities, false pretenses or labels. Love is received for the simple reason of being. Have you heard it say that all babies are beautiful? They are, soon as they are birthed a spotlight of light, affection and admiration is bestowed upon them.

Life’s journey takes us on an expedition of sorts from a very young age. We’re born into families we resemble often sharing common physical and personality traits. As we grow older we begin socializing with other people learning of our differences. The variations in color, race, culture bring awareness to the contrast in height, skin tone, hair texture and endless other characteristics that set us apart. The work of social media, people and entertainment forces us into believing if any number of these features are dissimilar from the mainstream it’s an indication of a flaw, feeding insecurities already in place.

In an ideal world these differences would be embraced even celebrated. However, this is far from the truth leading many women to feel out-of-place when they don’t conform to one standard of beauty. Each one of us has a unique brand that no one else owns. The distinctions made among women is set by society. People take the liberty of setting a grade based on an unrealistic scale. What makes anyone an expert on beauty if it’s all relative. Considering that everyone’s taste is not the same then I’d say, everything is in balance. Think about how dull the world would be if we all looked alike?  The world hasn’t quite caught up to the mirror we’re holding up. I am hopeful that things are slowly changing when I see beautiful, Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

You, me, us – we were all born beautiful. Stand confident and accept all that you are because there is no one else like you. Embrace your beautiful inside and out. The woman in staring back at you in the mirror each day is fierce!

“Protected content. 2018”

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