On Tuesday, I took the day off to spend with my teenage daughter who was off school. We took advantage of the quiet weekday to check out a matinee. It was easy deciding on the movie since we have similar interests in films. We gravitate towards films that show the strength of our human spirit. It is pure joy to see characters overcome challenges acquiring a win. A survival story is hard to beat.  I believe there is proof everywhere that if we sync up the heart and mind there isn’t much that can’t be accomplished.

The film “Adrift” was everything we hoped leaving us contemplating life, death and each person’s individual will to live. The film based on a true story of a couple, Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp who set sail on a 4,000 mile voyage from Tahiti to San Diego on a 44-foot yacht. Their romantic trip turns into a nightmare when they are caught in one of the most ferocious hurricanes in history. Adrift for 41 days after the storm hits their vessel they experience love, loss and an unrelenting will to survive. The story demonstrates how the inner voice can help one power through to overcoming pain and despair.

Personal struggles are in every human story.  We all have individual challenges that slow us down or alter the course to the thing we want most in life. There’s always a path to this place we want to reach whether seeking inner peace, success of any kind or true love. Anything worth having is going to take work, sacrifice and determination. This couple’s goal was to survive and find a way back home. It took all of their physical and mental strength to arrive at the place they belong.

There are moments in life when you will feel like giving up. You’ll exhaust yourself while working to find that golden ticket. You may consider relinquishing dreams, goals or that one thing you want so badly but afraid might not achieve. Pay attention to the inner voice to help you persevere and find courage to keep going until you get there. This is the moment of truth – the time you will truly feel Alive when you dig deep to the energy source that will push you to the next level.

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