If Your Confidence Has Ever Been Shaken, This Story is For You

We all have insecurities, whether we give into them or not significantly contributes to our story. How we deal with the negative voices that try to get us to second-guess ourselves makes the difference between those conquering versus dropping out of a race. This applies to any competition in career, life or with oneself. I would bet people reading this article have had their confidence shaken. Has your self-assurance taken a hit recently?

My life has been a series of lessons. Each chapter presenting challenges to overcome. Insecurities along with a need for approval has been the culprit of many setbacks. Some of which have held me back for decades, keeping me from achieving personal greatness.

Everyone has the potential to be better. Women are born with a fire that can only be extinguished if we allow it. Even when the flame is dimmed or turned off, we rise. I am becoming the woman envisioned with the wingspan of an albatross but its constant effort.

Life’s obstacles will take you through a series of events that can break your spirit. There are people who exist only to bring you down. Situations will arise to test your character. Days will come when you question it all, mostly yourself. You cannot let skepticism win. If you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect others to?

It has taken time to understand the importance in trusting myself. I’ve spent a good part of my life setting low expectations because I was not convinced to be deserving of more. Surrounding myself with the right people, practicing self-confidence and daring to ask more of not just me but others, too has transformed my life.

Starting Awakened-Woman has forced me to find the courage to share my truth and own it. It inspires others but at the same time, it empowers me to be authentic. When the writing began over a year ago, I had dozens of submissions out to magazines, literary journals and writing competitions. Rejection after rejection came back from editors stating the material was not the right fit for what they were looking for at the time. My voice had a hard time finding a home. But AW opened the doors to a world of new readers. Connecting to women everywhere gave me renewed strength to put my work back on display. Gradually, gaining confidence in my writing changed the game. The pursuit to achieve set goals has been relentless. Subsequently, there have been articles published in digital magazines, at a women’s art exhibit, as guest writer for other blogs and podcast. Now, a book in production with an independent publisher.

My ego and I fought for a brief period. The uncertainty fed fears turning confidence to hesitation. I could not stop questioning my abilities – am I good enough? Will anyone like my writing? My friends and family like it, so it cannot be too bad, can it? In good conscience, I could not give up. Something in my gut told me the writing would help others, as well as myself. Being human, there are still days I battle the insecurities that linger.

During moments of anxiety, I push back hard. The mindset is write, write, write – if my words make one life better than I’ve made a difference, offering hope to women who had none yesterday.

No matter how beautiful, intelligent, athletic or great we are at anything at the end of the day we’re human too. Confidence tested is a reminder that any success requires reinforcement. It calls for you to make the choice every single day to show up with your best. So, if your confidence falters seek inner strength. Assertiveness is about faith, trust and conviction in yourself. The only person that can stand in the way of what you want most – is you.

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  1. I feel like you are talking directly to me. I suffer the same insecurities day in day out. Reading this piece has given me motivation to not think low of myself, because that’s where i think i fail myself the most. Thank you @AwakenedWoman


    1. Hello, thank you so much for reading AW. I honestly believe, I am speaking to you and millions of women that like us have the same insecurities. Take comfort and strength in knowing that we share many of the same feelings. It is the reason I started AW to let women know worldwide that we have a common thread and should support eachother. I battle my own issues every day but I show up for myself and have learned not to accept less than I deserve. You will too! You got this!


  2. How can a woman know when a man is using her? Thn breaks her down. And she allows it because she wants to please. And heal? Then you have enough mistreatment. That you run away. Then its all your fault. And you qusetion yourself.


    1. Hello, thank you so much for reading AW.

      I’m no exception to situations of this type. My experiences are the same as so many woment out there.

      Honestly, speaking – you know deep down. May it be denial or blind love but we betray our intuition which is one of our biggest mistakes as a woman. We know when a man is not good for us. We make excuses or see potential that might never evolve. A man who loves you will put you first, he will give you the respect you deserve – this is a non-negotiable. If he breaks you down, it is for control. His insecurities lead him to find ways to degrade you, making you feel like he is the only one that would want you with your faults. This makes it easier for him to possess you. In turn you doubt yourself, feel guilty and question not only who you are – but your gifts. He can’t take anything from you without your permission.

      We can’t allow anyone to take our worth, self-respect and make us feel unloved. We have to love ourselves more than anyone, hold our head up high and take nothing less than the best. You are worthy, you are enough, you are amazing but YOU have to believe it first. Once you do, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving the beautiful life waiting for you.

      I appreciate you trusting me with your stories. Remember this – we can flip the switch at any time to change everything! You have the power and control over your life, no one else.

      Read “What is the Price for Living in Love’s Denial?”

      Stay strong. I hope AW inspires, encourages and empowers you to fight for the life you envision.

      Thank you.


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