Can Men and Women be Just Friends?

If I took a poll asking “Can Men and Women be Just Friends?” the results might be skewed. While I think many woman would say – Yes! they can. Men might take a dubious stand on it. It is an age-old question that remains unanswered for the most part since there is no real evidence answering the question for all. Small samples have taken in effort to entertain our interests. Scientific American published an article pointing to new research that implies that it’s likely you can think a platonic friendship is possible with someone of the opposite gender. However, opportunity is always creeping its head, particularly for men.

Women usually know when they’re going to friend zone a man. Upon meeting they will likely put him in the romantic or platonic box. There are situations where romance can develop over time but that’s a different article. Once we place a man in the friendship corner it can be challenging to see him as anything else other than a buddy. We see them with different eyes, attraction does not play a role in the relationship.

It has been my personal experience that friendships with men can remain nonphysical as long as you take your place. Women set the tone as to what they want from the relationship. If you maintain your interest is only platonic, men will likely respect it for the sake of saving the friendship. He is unlikely to demonstrate feelings of attraction to save face since you have no intention of entertaining him on a romantic level.

I’ve had my share of friendships with males, some of which have lasted many years. It has always been clear where each other stands in the relationship. Have I encountered a friend showing interest to be more than a friend? Yes. However, a line is drawn keeping both parties in their respective corners. Outlining boundaries has never been an issue.

Good, honest friendships are valuable in our lives with both males and females. I believe they can provide distinct point of views in a bunch of areas. Friendships with the opposite gender can teach us how to possibly be better partners to our mates. It can also help us understand some of the challenges each gender faces in relationships by giving us a different perspective.

You set the rules. Therefore, it is possible to be friends with the opposite gender, if those are genuinely the intentions for the relationship from the very beginning.

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