If You Aren’t Growing, You Are Dying

Our lives are constantly changing, moving forward. Time doesn’t stop, neither should our growth. During the past couple years, I’ve asked myself if I’m doing enough to contribute to my own personal growth. Have you asked yourself the same question?

We can’t deny humans are creatures of habit. Everyone reading this blog has a routine in place that feels comfortable. Unless, forced by circumstance we continue to glide in the same direction. I too, am guilty of being that balloon that floats high up until deflation drops me off somewhere – anywhere. Driving life’s highway until the air comes out of my tires.

We’re all on a personal journey doing life in different ways at our own pace. There are people who choose to do things the same way, every day. Set in their ways without seeing a need for growth of any kind. Others are more proactive looking to elevate themselves. Seeking to grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially.  Unknowingly, the path less traveled will be the one to significantly increase awareness and strengthen our identity.

Up until a year ago, my life was in a position of stalemate. I was unable to move forward or backward which was frustrating. The lack of action was confining. It caused me to question what I’ve been doing in the professional and personal areas of my life. My pattern has always been to find an agreeable spot where the waves don’t throw me off course. However, there came a point in this journey when I felt stagnant. Life was happening to me instead of the other way around. We have the right to live the best life possible demanding more of ourselves. The uneasiness experienced was daunting. Truthfully, I couldn’t understand the internal turmoil. It prompted a long line of self-examining that required preparation.  Not only did I have to ask tough questions. I had to be ready to face truth in my answers. Shortly after, I realized it’s been in front of me all this time. I am the driver behind the wheel of my life. Thereafter, a chain of events began to unravel. These are cliff notes of how I began the next phase of my adult life.

Natural growth begins from the moment we’re born. Thereafter, there’s a process of continuous learning. My experiences and relationships with men, family, friends and child keep me in the growth cycle. The lessons that come from events transpired don’t only offer wisdom. It solidifies my understanding and empathy for others. The more I stand still to listen and observe the more I learn about myself. My greatest potential comes from a combination of these and when I allow myself to be guided by my innovative and intuitive self.

Each day, I make a choice to seek opportunities that will promote personal growth. The effort is constant, rarely simple but I push myself to continue the work in progress. I’m of the belief that if we’re not growing, we’re dying. Our bodies naturally begin to descend and cells die quicker as we age without replacement. Shouldn’t we get the most out of our existence while we are still in the present body? If we don’t aren’t we wasting away?

Hopefully, I’ve planted a seed to begin your own work. If you haven’t already found your spark.

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