Beautifully Inspired Badass Life

Have you ever felt inspired by someone’s life? Has anyone you know been devastated by a traumatic or life-changing event then turned around to create an amazing life? Are you an example of what is possible when life forces you to sink or swim?

Kellie Ann is a woman that has been strengthened by her many experiences. Life has placed significant barriers testing her will and courage. But like the warrior she is, nothing has stopped her from becoming the person she is meant to be. Since surviving a domestic violence relationship, there have been a series of wins. It took time but eventually, she developed the self-confidence and resilience to help tackle roadblocks placed on her path to greatness.

Women have a history of being smothered by societal views. However, the perceived “weaker gender” has been a source of support for some of the strongest and influential men in history.  Examples of the exact opposite are spread throughout the timeline of human civilization. Josephine and Napoleon, Cleopatra and Napoleon, Eva and Juan Peron, and First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt partnered with FDR (Franklin D Roosevelt) and created her own individual footprint in American history. I would state that is pretty badass! Women today continue to carry the torch making a mark in countless areas of society.

Kellie Ann has done the same by living a life out loud and on her terms. The events that were once a source of affliction forced her to fight for a way out of ill-fate. She countered the negative with incredible faith that led to a shift, bringing her to where she is today. She provides therapy, motivation, and new insight as a consultant to her clientele. The study of Neuro linguistic Programming has given her the tools to help clients analyze and change past behaviors that have not served them. She guides people to see a different perspective that encourages transformation. The desired result is for individuals to realize their full potential. The mother of two is the Founder and CEO of Beautifully Inspired Life Coaching helping inspire others that feel cornered in their personal turmoil.

The Beautifully Inspired Badass Life Podcast host also works with the Valley Oasis Domestic Violence Council in an effort to pay it forward. We are surrounded by badass women like Kellie Ann that give back to communities and promote empowerment. The journey of AW is ongoing and grateful to continue providing a platform to highlight women that are rising from hardship, as well as, living their best lives.

Sitting down to chat with Kellie Ann for an episode of the Beautifully Inspired Badass Life podcast grounded me. It was a reminder of the power we all have to impact others with our stories. If you find yourself combating a time of overwhelming challenges and want inspiration, this is a good step towards your own awakening!

You can find Beautifully Inspired Badass Life on Instagram and Facebook, too!

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