The Power of Words

Books are gifts of knowledge. The libraries around the world hold millions of pages of writings. This collection of information carries an endless variety of stories with authors’ display of their own perception and understanding of the world around us. These manuscripts hold many stories containing characters of different point of views, lives, lessons we couldn’t possibly get to in a lifetime.  The words used to describe a story or ideas are the true key in finding treasure in the bound pages. I believe the stories we are told, as well as those we tell ourselves can have a profound effect on us.

My true appreciation for books has grown mostly in the past few years but my love for words has lived within my entire life.  I was 14-years old when I had my first heartbreak, maybe too early to even understand what that truly meant. However, at the time you couldn’t convince me my heart wasn’t in pain! A boy I really liked decided he had outgrown me so he moved on to an older girl. I was devastated thinking it was all over. The giggles the story invokes now makes me chuckle when I think of it. It was the year my mother introduced me to my first diary. There were dozens of entries with paper drenched in my teenage tears for my eyes only. Any songwriter will tell you that broken hearts produce the greatest love songs. I wrote one song, it didn’t make it to the airwaves but did bring some comfort. The ability to openly express what I’d been feeling without shame was enough to slowly mend this young girl’s heart.

The idea of this blog was born out of my passion to help people feel better with my words. It comes from a strong desire to use them to comfort or encourage those who need it.  One of the most important discoveries I’ve made during this part of my journey? Purpose. I’m finding that writing short stories and articles can help change lives one blog at a time. Reading and writing helps push through the pain. During my divorce, I read about survivors of violence, abuse, personal tragedy but also indulged in stories of women who fought battles to reach success. All these stories helped me awaken to the fact that we all have adversity and pain to overcome. These moments don’t have to define you it’s how you get passed the misfortune or loss that makes you the person you are meant to become. Acknowledging my story and coming out of it even better is proof I’m stronger than I give myself credit for  – as is every woman going through something hurtful in her life.

My words are designed to empower, help, heal, encourage, inspire, comfort through many of the experiences we share in common as women.  At some point in life, we might’ve been affected by words negatively. I’d like to use the power of my words to create a positive effect on anyone who is reading these blogs. If I can make readers laugh, think, dare to be different, take a chance or give them the courage to change something in their lives that causes unhappiness or threatens their well being then I’ve used my gift for greater good.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Speak positive words to yourself and others. It comes back like a boomerang!

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