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Many of us have a dream. A thought, so grand that we don’t dare envision because it can seem completely out of reach. You probably do not foresee your idea materializing. It is too hard or complicated to be attainable, feels impossible.

What stops us from pursuing these dreams? Resources, time and energy necessary is not enough to make it all happen. The pieces to deliver the desired outcome have not arrived at our door. While waiting for this perfect storm to manifest itself, remember that anything worthwhile calls for real work. You can’t wish your dreams into existence, need to go after what you want.

Allowing insecurities to creep into one’s mindset can beat anyone out of a good fortune. If you do, you’ll convince yourself to quit trying, even before getting to the starting line. Stop to consider what is possible when you let go of all fear. What are you capable of – if you took a leap of faith and bet the house on yourself?

One year ago, I decided to blaze a trail to inspire, encourage and empower women around the world. I did not have a clue where to begin but that wasn’t going to stop me. Like you, I’ve experienced heartbreak, self-doubt, loss of identity, painful breakups, mommy guilt, dating disasters – shall I go on? But I’m still here and continue on the journey to becoming my best self. I made the decision to share my stories on AW to motivate others. We all encounter guilt, shame, or fear that can hinder us from finding genuine happiness. If I can help a woman not feel alone instead encourage her to connect, I will have served a purpose. Hopefully, readers will gather something positive from my articles. A piece of wisdom to carry with them on their own journey.

I’m very excited to share the cover of my upcoming book “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self“. This project has taken time to come to fruition. I have shed tears of laughter and pain while working on this labor of love but the hard work that has gone into writing it is well worth it.

This book is for any woman experiencing a sense of loss after heartbreak. It is for those looking for a starting point after losing their identity in a relationship. My favorite aspect of the book? It’s written for m women that have been heartbroken, mothers at morning drop off at school, wives in the produce aisle or the dreamer sitting across from you during the daily commute. Women like you and me. The everyday female that gets up each day to get to her 9-5 job. Living paycheck to paycheck with just enough to care for herself and family without missing a beat. It is the working mom who exhausted from the workday picks up her child at daycare to begin a second shift at home. There’s a lot our parents don’t teach us about relationships, motherhood, money, and the sacrifices we possibly have to make as a woman. It is important we empower young girls with the best information and resources to demonstrate they have choices and a voice as they become women.

My wish is that “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” connects with the women feeling tired, lost, or looking for hope that things will get better. Life is what we make it. The first step is deciding to stop being a victim. Take charge of the wheel, envision the best future and pursue it with relentless force. Cultivate the greatness that already exists within, no one can do it for you. Grab the bull by the horns, as they say, while on your own journey to the best self. Most of all, never, ever give up on yourself or your dreams!

 Book Release July 4, 2019. Print Ed. Edition can be found on .“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Black Rose Writing Publishing. 2019

“Protected content. 2019”

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