Is It True – Is It Better the Devil You Know?

Than the one you don’t…

Change has the ability to put fear in our hearts. Creatures of habit find it intimidating to modify their way of life. Moving on from a residence, relationship or job can put us in an uncomfortable position. The discomfort creates uneasiness as the routine we’ve kept for an extended time is shaken.

Human beings find comfort in the familiar. We like knowing what comes next. If gives us a sense of normalcy. But is it normal? We remain in toxic relationships afraid of cutting ties. Many of us stay at jobs where we’re unhappy for years at a time. Yes, to pay bills but why not, instead find something else that may provide some joy or perhaps new  challenges? The truth is we grasp hold of these situations because it’s what we know. We know our boss’ quirks so we deal. It can always be worse than an annoying colleague who passes of your work for theirs.

In 1996, I dated someone for couple years. Good guy, we got along but we weren’t exactly compatible. I knew deep down we made better friends than lovers but I didn’t want to change things. The relationship was comfortable. The idea of starting over with a new partner was dreadful and exhausting. I wasn’t willing to flip my world upside down. It terrified me to consider what my future would look like if this didn’t work out. It became more important to linger in the situation rather than embrace change.

Neither of these situations was exactly comfortable but they provide me with a sense of ease. I knew what to expect which was more valuable than making a transition.

We’ve all been in a similar predicament. Both men and women go through hundreds of changes throughout their lifetime. However, women’s changes begin early. Once change happens there really isn’t a cease-fire. Each month, their physical state is rattled by nature. Many experience life changing events when they have their children. Change is change – we all have to deal with it. There are a million types as there is constant movement in our lives.

It’s important to remember that getting used to something can give you a certain level of comfort but it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Depriving yourself of a new opportunity out of plain fear will stunt development. Don’t cheat yourself out of doing better in exchange for familiarity. You will be surprised by the wonders that you may encounter during the journey.

Earlier today, a wise woman said to me “Progress is Change.”  Her statement stayed with me giving me a hint of a healthier perspective that I’d like to share. The discomfort we feel when change takes place leads to growth, strength and sets us up for moments of greatness in life.

I continue to challenge myself making changes to further help me grow into the woman I’m meant to be. Of course, easier said than done but worth dusting off the bulldozer to push things along!

Is there a change you’ve been wanting to make but find yourself putting off for one reason or other?

Will the change improve your quality of life?

What’s stopping you from creating the life you envision? 

“Protected content. 2018”

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