The Sublime Review!

When we’re in school, report cards are provided periodically. A grade is assigned to indicate progress. Restaurants, famed chefs, hotels and others wait impatiently while reviews and stars are handed out.

Authors go through a similar process with exceptions. Writing is subjective and there is no guarantee any two reviewers will agree on anything. As you are probably aware, a group of people can read a book then give you mixed feedback. Readers might base a decision on consensus among other reasons, as to whether or not to buy a book.

The first professional review can be the one causing most anxiety for writers. You let your baby project out into the world to be judged by masses. Wait time is brutal for new authors.

“A Journey to Becoming the Best Self”‘ received its first professional book review. There will be others down the road but this is the beginning run. My hope is that when you read it, your experience will be an enjoyable one.

AW thanks Sublime Book Review for taking the time to read about its journey.

Excerpt from Sublime Book Review

Overall Rating = 4.75

Storyline & Concept = 5

Writing and Delivery = 4.5

Cover Marketability = 4.5

Editorial = 5

A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self is part memoir and part practical how-to guide about navigating divorce. The writing is warm and confidential, like a conversation with a friend.

The book describes how she fought back from despair and financial hardship to achieve happiness and personal growth.

”This is a book not just for women faced with divorce, but for anyone searching for meaning in their lives.”

You can read the full review here.

”A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” is now on Sale at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Black Rose Writing.

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