Love is Love

June gives way to Pride Month commemorating the Stonewall riots of 1969. I felt it would be a good time to write some words in celebration of all love.

Human beings are made for connection. It’s essential to our well-being to have a healthy exchange of nurturing. We thrive most when surrounded by love in our lives. Consider personal experience, isn’t it true that you feel empowered to do more when you have a loving circle of support? Right. The lack of this emotion in anyone’s life creates a deficiency truly impactful in every aspect of a man, woman or child’s existence.

The beauty of society is our differences. Learning to appreciate the individual fabric each of us brings to the world’s table is special. Living in a world of acceptance that embraces diversity should be the goal for all people not a select few.

Therefore, whether your love is heterosexual or not, it is still love. Everyone needs love to help them grow and withstand the difficult moments life can bring.

During the month of June, let’s try to be reminded, love all around us. An array of relationships that although, might not be what you have grown up to see as conventional is certainly no less powerful than any other love.

Prorected content. 2019

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