Let Pain Transform You

Once you arrive at a page in your book where you embrace difficult times that transpired in life, you begin to gain clarity. It’s essential to accept the pain and let it transform you. If you set it free instead of holding it hostage you can begin healing; guiding you out of negativity.

–Excerpt from ”A Journey to Becoming the Best Self”

Men, women, and children experience pain throughout their lifetime. Many would agree, emotional pain can be as grueling as the physical. It can easily wrap you in its blanket of sadness and despair long enough to find it difficult to remove. People can carry it as a shield or weapon to protect themselves but in the end, it’s wasted effort. Either way, if the armor does not come off, you’ll never have the life you deserve. Denying yourself of a healthy, happy existence.

Everybody hurts. Some people seem to handle it better than others. I often ask myself why is it some thrive and others fall in a vortex of despair to never return. I’ve seen cases where people haul grudges for years due to unresolved feelings. Personal experience has proved valuable in understanding part of the reason for my pain. The lessons have helped me learn to manage pain, using it constructively instead of letting it defeat me.

Men and women handle pain in different ways. While some internalize it, others lash out in their attempt to process the intensity. No matter the circumstances, using another person as a crutch, punching bag for any type of release will not have the best outcome. Teaching yourself acceptance is key in dealing with any type of suffering.

Divorce, heartbreak, betrayal, loss of any kind leaves a trail of devastation.  The anguish felt by any number of these events is enough to hold you back from enjoying the simplest things in life. No one is exempt from the emotion, therefore, the best action we can take is to allow the feeling inside. Giving pain permission to enter will help process it over time. How much time depends on the person and level of havoc experienced. Outlets are needed to get the system running. Exercise, hobby, talking or whatever you choose to do with the bad energy. Evolve, grow from this as you find answers.

Fighting instead of embracing will push you down a rabbit hole slowly taking the joy out of you. It can sink you into such negativity that you won’t be able to see true beauty. The meaning of life is in living each day to the fullest but you won’t be able to do so if you let pain win.

You have more power than you think, use your pain as fuel to spark you into taking action. It is possible to find the strength and courage to push forward after a painful time but you must have an immeasurable desire to stop it. It is on you.

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