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The interview was scheduled months ago. The time was now, sitting in the virtual green room, my mind went to the first time I saw ”A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” book in print.

June 2019 gave way to a new chapter of AW. The culmination of a project that began as a vision. I knew deep down it was possible to bring a wish to fruition. Eventually, the book would be published as long as I did not give up. I believed in the good it can, and will do for women everywhere. Inspire, empower and encourage women continues to be the message.

Everyday millions of females experience challenging times in their lives. This is one woman’s story written to bring hope. Thank you for inspiring me to continue sharing my stories with you on AW.

Writers Corner Live TV show was a highlight going off without a hiccup with the exception of a momentary technical glitch! I hope you enjoy watching me discuss how the idea of a book came about and how the plan was implemented. The goal was to get that one YES to the book!

I am grateful to hosts, Bridgetti and Mary Elizabeth for having me as a guest on their show. It was a fun and interesting chat which I greatly enjoyed.

Hope you like the interview!

Check out the playback of Writers Corner Live Episode 57!

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  1. Omgosh, I’m SO happy for you Yvette! You did a great job! I want to hug you❣️Congratulations on the moves you’ve been able to make to put your amazing book out to even more women! You have certainly made major changes in so many lives! Sent from my iPhone



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