It’s Your Life, You Can Cry If You Want To.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” … Dr. Seuss

Men and women experience joy and pain throughout their lifetime. While many boys are taught at an early age to hold back their tears as a way to protect their manhood. Little girls are consoled. The expectations to be a cry baby can at times be too much.

Immense joy can produce tears. Overwhelmed with love or contentment we create a display of the waterworks. A feeling of unsurpassed excitement can fill a heart with great emotion. The overflow of tears being the only way to express incredible happiness.

Despair felt during moments of disillusionment or anger may also produce a well of tears. The crying can bring us to our knees sometimes. We’re left in tears when disappointment is too much to bare. Bathing in the same salty waters when heartache squeezes the happiness out of our existemce. Pain is an inevitable part of life but somehow we move on from it.

Crying is sometimes needed. It’s a purge of emotion. An expression of human sentiment. There are events in life that can feel like they will break us. We cry to release.

Eventually, many arrive at acceptance of what has transpired. Others never do. Either way, you have a right to cry whether it’s a show of celebration, grief, or protest. It’s your life, you can cry as much as you need to until you heal.

If it all becomes too much. You shouldn’t lose all hope. Just remember, you will smile again someday.

“Protected content. 2018”

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