Are We All Broken?

“Have an encounter inside your own story. That’s where the holy ground is, same place you find the burning bush. Burning away things that aren’t true.” —William Paul Young

The learning begins as soon as we are in the womb, as does trauma. There are plenty of people who grow up to be well-adjusted. By no means does this signify perfection. The apparent ease of their predicament may be intended denial or a gift of ignorance. We all have challenges to overcome. Broken in subtle or enormous ways, somehow everyone can find a slight tear in the makeup of their being. There are lessons to learn by all whether or not we ask for it.

Every individual also has a set of beliefs. Things we believe about ourselves that may or may not be true. It all goes back to the womb. The creation of what you believe about yourself stems from a time during childhood. For many, this means pain, sorrow and hardship. Neglect, abuse, hertbreak, loss, financial or emotional troubles. Pick your poison. Retreating to a moment or collection of them may not always be pleasant. Forcing some to design a lie to live a life as normal as possible.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why is my life this way? Why can’t I get it right? Why me? Sometimes when we’re broken we look for ways to forget. Deceiving ourselves into thinking “If I don’t say it out loud, if I don’t talk about it – it’s not happening.” Completely untrue! We have to face our truths as ugly or disappointing as it may be. It will be the place where we reconcile and find forgiveness. The central source of the answers we seek lies in that sweet spot.

Spending a large part of my life turning a blind eye to pain related my broken parts. I can tell you, it’s not the answer. Ignoring the reality that slaps you in the face because it’s easier to cope in the moment – it will cost you, dearly. Over time, it helps to realize that confronting these very things is what sets us free.

Are we all broken? I believe so, yes. Men and women alike are imperfect beings flawed in some way. Each of us contributes a personal touch to the world. It’s one of the common threads that binds us.  The essence of who you are doesn’t leave you. Your truths are for you to own. But by no means define you as an individual. You define yourself by how you carry your life and by who you become during your journey.

Being broken does not lessen our worth. Only we can do that to ourselves.

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  1. I love your writing Yvette, this is so true we are all broken in some way and the only way to over come it is by acknowledging that brokenness. I love that you point it starts in the womb. Right now I battle when I leave my son every morning to go to work because I don’t want him to think I’m abandoning him. When I don’t come home at the normal time he calls for me mama, mama. I’m trying my best to not be the person who causes him to feel or be broken.

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    1. Thank you so much for your post! and being part of the AW community. It’s amazing how connected we can feel when we share. It also comforting to know that others feel the same. Your son knows you love him and that is most important. The quality of the time is whst they recall as adults. It’s such a challenge for women to balance it all but we do every day because we must. Find the balance. You’re a good mom and he feels it. Read:


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