The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Everyone has lied about something at one time or other. Men and women alike sometimes tell tales to get out of a compromising situation, avoid getting caught in a mess or save someone from hurt and embarrassment. Regardless of how it’s rationalized, lying is a tool we use as a means for survival in a world where truth isn’t always accepted. Not everyone can handle it.

A white lie is usually an innocent fib. We need a mental health day, so we may call in sick. Heck! Women should have them in abundance for rainy days. Playing multiple roles in the household can lead to not only exhaustion. The weariness affects our mind as much as the body. Stress is one of the biggest threats to our health. How many illnesses can you think of related to stress? Yes. It’s very scary! Taking a day to decompress or collect yourself from the madness of life is required. It seems sensible to take the time. Doesn’t it?

A lie is a lie – is still a lie! Is an omission a lie even though we aren’t actively telling a fictitious story? Do we refrain from telling the truth for our own sake or someone else’s? Are you justified in keeping silent because in your opinion it’s best to spare another’s emotional pain? These are answers that only the person in the predicament can answer. Point of views are skewed by endless factors. You have a responsibility to yourself to do what is best for you. The hope is to limit harm and avoid destroying any lives in the process.

How about the lies we tell ourselves to protect our psyche? Those deep-rooted stories we recite to ourselves. The ones we recant while trying to push down a painful memory. The most damaging tales that negatively affect the way we live our lives. The lies we tell ourselves to cover up hurt or pain are the worst ones. Sadly, these are the ones we most believe.

“I’m not enough” Is the biggest lie, completely untrue. No matter what you’ve been through or where you came from – you are worthy. You deserve to be loved, respected and have a great life. You are enough!

“I’m a failure and will never be happy until I get the perfect husband, love, and life”  Guess what? You are not a failure! We’ve all made mistakes or have done stupid things we wished we hadn’t. Nothing is permanent including those blunders. We dust ourselves off and start again. The lessons are in the so-called “failures” for you to find. By the way, stop chasing perfection. It’s a mirage caused by an extreme deficiency of self-love. Loving yourself is the only road to happiness. It’s a key to your well-being.

“My life is out of control” You are the only person that can get a handle on your life. Take the wheel. You want a better life – go find it. You are in control of your actions.
You get one shot – this is your life.

Once upon a time, I was the greatest liar. I lied to everyone in an attempt to cover up my imperfections. Never wanting anyone to see past the shell because they wouldn’t love the real me. The worst lies were the ones I told myself because they held back my potential. The door to greatness opens, once we accept our truths wholeheartedly.

The lies we tell ourselves prevent us from having a life fulfilled. One with purpose and meaning to help guide us the rest of the way.

What lies have you told yourself lately?

“Protected content. 2018”

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