How Do You Know If It’s Lust or Love?

A rush of emotion overwhelming the senses. Touch that resembles electricity overloading youvariousr extremities. Emptiness felt from his absence. Need replaces self- assurance as you start to think “I can’t do without him.” Once a confident independent woman, now displays weakness brought on by rapture. Is it love or lust fooling you into thinking this is the big one – the real thing?

It isn’t unheard of, to confuse the two feelings. Each is intense in its own way causing dilemmas. Both difficult to extinguish when in the throws of its flames. The idea you can’t live without someone, whether physically or emotionally can cast a shadow on your peace of mind.

Living in its clutches is unsettling. Shaking it off is challenging. But we control our minds, making it possible to balance feelings with some effort on our part. It’s wise to establish enough self-awareness to distinguish between these, so you can let go of situations that become unhealthy.

Women reading will be familiar with the feelings described because at any point in life, you’ve had a taste of it. May be someone you’re dating, married to or living with making you feel one or both of these emotions. Offering a connection so potent, you think it overpowers you.

Like many others, I’ve struggled in the valley of bewilderment. Looking for answers that will help me figure out if a relationship is worth keeping. Does it have the staying power necessary to withstand times of turmoil. Is it love? Or is the physical bond deceiving me into imagining what isn’t true…

We all have a unique situation with endless variables changing the scenario. Therefore, I cannot judge or decide for you. Instead, I’ll offer a few thoughts to spark you to dig deep. It’s scary to do but can lead to invaluable realizations.

The greatest love you can experience as a woman or human being is self-love. No one can provide this kind of power. Loving yourself whole helps you feel complete – at peace. With that said, I believe when you share love with someone there’s a blanket of serenity that covers you from head to toe. Of course, this doesnt’t mean you won’t have disagreements or live in eternal nirvana. However, it implies he will embrace all of you in a way that brings you joy and tranquility no matter what is happening for you. Having him in your life nourishes your soul.

Lust is fierce, selfish and rarely, calm. There’a often a sense of incredible physical attraction connected to this emotion. The thought of losing this person can be unfathomable, borderline damaging. Physical crave produced by a desire that can rattle you to the core.

In order to get to the heart of your feelings and identify whether it’s love or lust, ask yourself a few questions.

Do you feel a strong emotional attachment whether he is with you or not? Do you yearn affection, time together and genuine bonding aside from the sex drawing you closer? Is physical appearance what you’re most attracted to or is it secondary to the other amazing qualities he possesses?

Time can be useful in setting apart love from lust. Love withstands the days, months and years. Lust is a fleeting moment. It may ravish you as rapidly as it leaves.

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