A Woman’s Checklist

We have made it, another week is coming to a close. The new normal has been difficult to navigate for all of us. Everyone is doing their best to make something out of nothing, it isn’t easy.

This past week, I received a reminder, I am human too. It was my turn to regroup, as I saw the cup was overflowing. Have you had a moment when it all becomes too much? The anxiety caused by all the uncertainty we are facing can create fear, sadness, despair, and overwhelming stress.

Recently, Alyssa Milano opened up about her struggle with hair loss due to COVID-19. I read various articles and watched news report interviews where physicians explained that the hair loss is very real and closer related to the stress of the disease. We are increasingly seeing how the stress of the pandemic is affecting our mental and physical wellness. The deterioration can manifest in different ways. Now more than ever, it is crucial that women make sure to nurture themselves as we continue to add responsibilities to already busy roles.

Make sure to check yourself every day, build a checklist that is fit for your lifestyle and circumstance. Incorporate things that your body requires to stay grounded but also fill the tank mentally and physically

This is my personal checklist which may be helpful to you, when starting your own.

Find your inner peace – Seeking spiritual peace is essential to my well being, it equals tranquility. When I am having a difficult time making a decision, finding focus or yearning stability, I look inward for answers. Reading, meditating and solitude helps to locate a source within that will provide enough peace to beat the outside noise.

Stay grateful – It is important to create a space for gratitude every day. On a daily basis when I roll out of bed, I practice being thankful. It can be as simple “I am grateful…” If done first thing in the morning, it can shift the mood of your day.

Nurture a positive environment for yourself – Getting older can give us a newfound appreciation for the energy around us. As a younger woman, I did not give enough thought to the people I was keeping in my space. Today, the circle is small, in order to remain sane, it’s essential to only let in those individual who are positive forces. If you can add value to my life, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually then welcome to my temple. If not, apologies in advance, as this is a no entry zone.

Cultivate the real you – Life is short. This new normal has helped understand the value of life. Why spend time being someone you are not? Embrace the authentic you, no better feeling. Be yourself, live a life that is worthy and makes you happy. The people that truly love you will accept you but you have to do that for yourself first.

Practice self-love and compassion – We are, our own worst critic. Pounding ourselves to the point of no mercy. The expectations are high and if we don’t fulfill the dream, we resort to “I am a failure.” Everyone has unfulfilled goals or dreams but I’ve learned that no matter what you have to keep creating new ones! Bigger and more beautiful ones to pursue because anything is possible. We’ve seen others do it, why can’t we? Be kind to yourself, love yourself and take care of you. It is the key to efficiently give back to others, fill your tank first.

Know your worth. Don’t accept less than you deserve – Many of the troubles we encounter as women are tied into self-worth. The relationships, partners, situations we choose are connected to what we think of ourselves. For years, I struggled with understanding the importance of worthiness. Once I began to see, not only the value in who I am but how my needs matter, it was easier to see through the fog. It takes constant practice but a life changing step, as you do the work to build the best version of yourself.

Create your own checklist, review it, and modify, as often as, necessary. It will serve as a reminder of the things you need to be OK. You may be surprised how empowered you will feel when you complete this exercise.

What’s on your checklist? Post your comments below to share with our readers.

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