Crashing Into Love

“Time together creates a nest of sorts, bonding a couple into a tightly knit fabric. The intimacy created will mesh two worlds in ways that far exceed explanation. Whether performed out of love or habit, the act of lovemaking is a collection of beautiful, forceful and intense movements that deliver the most complicated of dances. Two people coming together in such an intimate act is powerful imagery. Intertwine emotions into the intricate choreography, it can form a masterpiece in its own right.”

– Excerpt from “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self”

The waltz of love is a challenging exercise. Mastery requires the right partner but we shouldn’t underestimate timing. Meeting the right person at the wrong time, no telling how it will end. Regardless of how hard you try to make it work there are no guarantees.

A good number of women spend a considerable amount of time dreaming of the day they come face-to-face with the love of their lives. Marketing campaigns are built around the idea. Industries rake in millions from the fantasy sold. You will meet your perfect match and get a happily-ever-after. But they don’t tell you much about what goes on after finding love. It’s those things that can make a difference in how we manage it when it arrives.

The coming together of two people in love do not signify becoming one. Falling in love whether or not choosing to share a life with someone, in no way means relinquishing your power as a woman. Giving up who you are, what you like, your opinions and how you live life. However, it does often require compromise to help move the relationship to a higher level. You will likely need to calibrate until you get the right balance. Helping ensure parties are equally happy is extremely difficult to do for many reasons. At the very least each of you should get what you need from the relationship.

Whether personally experiencing it or seeing it through another’s eyes the emotion attached to love perpetuates incredible energy. When worlds collide it can blow your mind leaving you senseless. The rapture can unwillingly blind you to the point of losing your senses. The unconditional feeling is wonderful as it is scary, yet worth having at least once.

Crashing into love is the best part of the story. It is the reality that comes after to bring you down to earth that may be detrimental to your emotional health if not careful. People are different, as are their wants and needs. Unhappiness sometimes takes over when we give up too much.

You must both be willing to sway back and forth until you find the best rhythm to keep you dancing with your partner, as long as possible.

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Photograph by The ABView Photography.

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