Top 5 Blogs for AW Readers

Readers have been immensely supportive. Thank you for being such a great part of the high engagement at AW. This means you continue to enjoy the content, I’m writing for the blog.

AW went live May 27, 2018. Since then the number of hits are closing in on 100K. But there is is still plenty of work to do before reaching this number.

The reason I began Awakened-Woman was to connect with the every day, average woman we see each day during our commute. She lives paycheck/.-to-paycheck, cooks 3 meals daily and picks up the children at school to help with homework despite exhaustion. She is also the woman going on date after date hopelessly looking to feel loved not knowing she has to find love within before ever having a healthy relationship. They are the heartbroken, insecure at times and don’t always ask for what they deserve, often questioning their worth. It is me, you and other women in our lives.

I hope you are inspired to do something different in your life. Encouraged to fight for your dreams. Most of all, empowered to seek your best life.

Check out the top 5 most popular articles with over 2000 views each in a single day after being published on AW.

How Do You Know if Your Partner is Cheating

Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds in This Relationship

When a Woman Leaves Emotionally, Is It Just a Matter of Time?

5 Questions Most Women Want Answered

Don’t Let the Door Hit You

Thank you for reading, commenting and likes for AW.

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