Girl, You Got This!

People are good at finding wrongs. We can think of a dozen reasons to convince ourselves not to do something, especially when it means putting our needs first or taking a risk. Women are particularly hard on themselves, after all, our job is to take care of everyone. Caregivers, nurtures and pillars of families. People depend on you. You’re expected to ensure your tribe’s happiness.

AW has offered wonderful opportunities to exchange stories with women everywhere. The more conversations engaged in, more I appreciate other women, cultures and the various issues that affect all of us. One of the most enlightening aspects of this journey has been how much I’m learning about myself, as well.

Over the course of a year, goals seemingly unthinkable yet, worthwhile, have materialized. I began Awakened-Woman as sole writer, increased brand exposure, gained positive engagement and completed a book. If asked, did I ever imagine doing all these great things? Helping empower others with my articles? The answer would have been a hands-down ”No.” Present-day, I can’t see a roadblock for miles. Limitless and grateful are words I recite every day. I can and will take the message of empowerment to as many readers as possible.

The initial stages of building a foundation in business, relationship, dream or own life require relentless dedication, persistence, and passion. If you have the conviction that nothing is impossible then everything is possible. Set goals, do the work and push forward with intent, results will follow. Just be mindful, the purpose must be bigger than you.

There have been plenty of challenging days when I wasn’t sure, I could get it all done. Taking deep breaths, wondering if I could plow through exhaustion long enough to keep myself from giving up. I receive messages or comments from AW readers and the fire is reignited thanks to the inspiration you provide. I will do this.

From time to time, are there doubts that I can sustain the writing along with everything else on my plate? Does fear of criticism or judgment sometimes rear its head questioning my self-confidence? Do I have moments when the idea that I’m taking on too much crosses my mind? Yes to everything but none of these limitations are strong enough to shake me out of a dream. I can do this.

When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, roll the dice. The test is not in whether or not you make a million. The real proof has more power and meaning. It’s easier to throw in the towel when the hailstorm comes our way. This is about how many lives can be changed for the better and encouraged. So, when it’s all getting to be overwhelming or frustration builds due to inactivity in any of the number of projects, what do I do? I tell myself the same thing every single day since I began this phase of my journey. I Got This!

Next time you hit those bumps on your road, I’m telling you don’t back down because Girl – You’ve Got This!”

Protected content. 2019

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