Empowerment Series: Canadian Recording Artist, Alexa Ray Shares with AW how She Became Fearless

Canadian beauty, Alexa Ray‘s new song Fearless describes the internal struggle of a woman fighting to be her true self. It is about the plight of her fears, insecurities, and darkness pushing their way out into the light. Essentially, a story of a woman being brave in the face of it all. A powerful message, especially at this time when we’re confronting so much uncertainty, as a result of some of our worst fears come true.

The first time I listened to Fearless, I knew it was something special. The hypnotic music accompanied by the artist’s empowering voice and lyrics was meshed together to create a sound that has the ability to draw listeners into a trance. This song is a reminder of the power songs have to fuel our spirit. I was elated to have the chance to interview Alexa to ask her about the inspiration for this song.

What does the word fearless mean to you? It means “No Fear” which I have tattoo’d, as a reminder for me to stay fearless. I am not always fearless, have to work at it. We all experience fear but cannot allow it to stop us from living life. I always struggled to find myself. I began my career in opera where the craft is very structured. I switched to this more modern genre of music I do today, it was a scary transition. The two are very different which made me feel vulnerable but I had to try. When you think of someone who is fearless, you imagine a person who has conquered their fears but it’s never a truly a finished state. In our minds, we’ll always be afraid of something. The word is a constant prompt to have courage in everyday life in the smallest ways. We are all working to create a better version of ourselves.

What challenge have you faced in your life that demanded you to be fearless? Focusing on becoming my authentic self has required me to bold. I was bullied as a child, growing up I always wanted to say and do everything the right way. The challenge of exposing myself to criticism, if I didn’t do things correctly created inner conflict. As I got older, I realized the importance of being the real me in every regard. I knew that I had to embrace myself and get back to being who I was at the core. The task forced me to own my story. Hopefully, my journey inspires others to be themselves, too.

My favorite verse of the song is “Stare my demons in the eye. Spread my wings and then I’ll fly. To brand new heights.” Confronting our ghosts or fears, looking at them dead in the eye is one of the scariest things we can do in our lives, not once but over and over. What has helped you during moments in life when you were afraid but knew if you did not take action, it would hinder your growth? Music is my therapy, I began writing about 2 or 3 years ago. I hit an emotional rock bottom, a dark time in my life. Writing music was the way to healing. It helped me get everything off my chest. The outlet carved my path to a purge, releasing the burden. My album “From the Ashes” is a work to uplift and raise spirits, it’s where it all began to change for good.

Often times, women tread lightly during their journey for fear of ruffling feathers, shame or retaliation. In our personal lives and careers, we have a general tendency to back away from situations we are afraid of. Whether it’s voicing an opinion, expressing unhappiness at home or work. Sharing our needs, speaking out for what we want can cause immense distress. Did you write the song “Fearless” as a result of overcoming your own moment of trepidation? Can you tell us what inspired you to write a song about being emboldened? The song is really inspired by society’s hypocrisy. We are told to be strong, go after our goals and dreams but if we act with authority we are labeled a bitch. If we are too direct, we can be accused of being overly aggressive. Often times, it is blamed on Premenstrual Syndrome – the hormones. Meanwhile, men can take the same action and be perceived as “He knows what he wants.” What a double standard that is! Women are told to stay in the mainstream, be different, not too political, soft, bold, fit in a box but society cannot make up its mind. The song comes from frustration of not being able to make everyone happy. I arrived at a point where I decided to be fearless and just be me.

What advice can you offer women scared to show their true self? Ask yourself why would you want to be anyone else that isn’t you? Who else is more amazing and original than you? I have always been a people pleaser but I got tired of trying to meet everyone’s expectation of who I should be. Each time I did it, I lost a piece of myself. It starts eating away at you when you try to be everything to everyone. I started writing music to share the stories from my heart and experiences. At one time or other we’ve all have felt this way. I want women to know there is nothing more fearless than staying true to who they are. Never forget it.

It is important to end interviews with a positive message. Do you have a quote or mantra that you use to help you when you are not feeling fearless? When I was 16 years old, my mentor, Sylvia Rugger shared a quote that inspires me daily. “A ship is safe in a harbor but that’s not what ships are meant for.” Ships encounter stormy weather, there is constant threat that cannot be controlled but they’re meant to be in those challenging waters. Ships are made for it. Embrace all that life has to offer, good and bad because you are made to withstands storms, too. Life does not stand still, stay fearless.

We all encounter some kind of fear. It can be like a poison that paralyzes you to the point of producing inertia. Have you thought about all the things you would like to do but are afraid? This mighty emotion is real and disabling to anyone that gives into it. You cannot thrive in fear that stops you from living your truth. If you do, you will never find genuine happiness. Life really starts when fear ends.

Alexa Ray’s, Fearless can be found on i-Tunes and Spotify, it’s definitely worth a download!

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