Our Love Affair with Shoes!

The work week feels long, exhausting and draining for many of us. We look for different ways to decompress from the madness that is life. I try to enjoy a brisk walk after the clock ticks at 5:00 pm. It gives me a chance to look at pretty things in the windows of SAKS, Michael KORS or any other store displaying beauty.  Too often, the fast-paced city  doesn’t allow much time to appreciate what’s around us. This is a way for me to take it all in soaking up the heartbeat of the city.

This past Friday, my heart skipped a beat when I walked by a women’s shoe store. This wasn’t just any store. This weekend was the 20th anniversary of Sex and The City. Although, watching a binge-a-thon on E! was fun. Over the course of twenty years, I’m sure I’ve watched each episode several times – never gets old! But I thought outside of the marathon of reruns, what better way to play homage to Carrie Bradshaw than to walk into Sarah Jessica Parker’s own shop. The display did not disappoint as it was full of beautiful, feminine and sexy shoes. It was tough to choose just one that stole the show. I stayed a few minutes then walked out empty handed and perplexed. On my walk home, I asked myself, what is it about shoes that makes women feel large amounts of dopamine rush to our brain? A feeling of love for the most beautiful shoes you’ve ever seen. This euphoria usually levels out after a few blisters or until the next affair takes our breath away.

The assumption is that the first stiletto was designed sometime in the early 1900’s. I remember as a young girl the feeling of trying on my mother’s heels – of course, not in the 1900’s! It might have been around the 1980’s. Trying to fit into her stilettos was a rite of passage for me becoming a fond memory of my first taste of the delightful feeling. A personal favorite but not every lady likes the walk on stilts. Luckily, there is a different shoe for every style of woman. We all have our preference of heel height, style, color and fit. The love affair varies with season and trend. Some of us will sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion or beauty. Today the selection of shoes, boots, sandals can be overwhelming. This makes our choice of the Cinderella slipper fun but challenging task.

In my opinion, a shoe is not just a shoe. Undoubtedly, confidence comes from within. The right pair of shoes just provides an added kick to our mojo. Sometimes a woman wants to feel a little extra special. She wants to make a strong statement walking down the street or into an office. Once in a while a great pair can put that pep-in-our step!

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