Do You Feel Something is Missing in Your Life?

The daily grind can be brutal. Stress created by responsibilities that stem from the realities of life. We build lives around jobs we dread waking up for and relationships we aren’t happy in for one reason or another. It’s a struggle at times to manage it all, especially when it feels like none of it is under your control. It’s worse on the days you wake up feeling something is amiss. A void that can’t be filled by money, material things, relationships or careers because it goes much deeper than the tangible. Have you ever felt this way?

I watched an interview last night where a celebrity was asked “What would you be doing if you weren’t a singer-artist?” The woman replied, “I always knew this is what I wanted to do. There was no other option. Singing is like breathing for me.” Passion.

We all have jobs to do. Providing for our families is a primal instinct. There is no other option. People spend years experiencing a void. Many have difficulty figuring out what’s needed to fix it. Sometimes, it leads to leaning on substitutions that don’t offer more than a few blinks of joy. A true commitment is necessary to find the missing ingredient that will give you fulfillment. It’s never an easy task.

The search for the pieces to my own jigsaw puzzle is a never-ending journey with no breaks. The initial work was confusing, draining and lonely but I had to fly solo on this one. I’ve been blessed to take comfort in the abundance of love and support received from family and friends. I’m not always able to get the things I want but I have everything needed to live earnestly. I’m grateful every day.  Nothing was missing in my life and to the naked eye things were good. However, in the silence of my mind, I knew there was something else waiting to be learned or experienced.

We go hard at life forgetting to fill the tank. Women may neglect themselves, unintentionally at times as they try to juggle various roles. Many times over, we end up with a sense of loss. The internal void may be that you aren’t living your truth. A reflection in the mirror that is no longer someone you know – she’s a stranger. If you haven’t found the thing that moves you or lost sight of it. The piece snapping everything into place to draw a real picture of the life you’ve been envisioning. Don’t give up the search! Find the piece that erases the emptiness within.

If you are experiencing a void in your present life. Don’t be afraid to dig deep to find truth. It will be the only path that brings you full circle offering a more peaceful and hopefully, fulfilling existence.

As for me – I’ve been able to find the missing piece to complete my puzzle. Finally, owning all that I am, going for the things I deserve and not listening to the negative voices. Funny thing, I never imagined that all the elements I needed to solve my puzzle were dug deep inside of me. Finally, it all clicks. No one can take anythIng from me without my permission.

Have you found your missing piece?

Protected content. 2019

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