What’s Hot This Year?

What do many of us do when we have an upcoming social, work or family event - a celebration? You try to find the ideal outfit. The "It" dress, skirt, jacket, shoes that embellish your natural beauty from head to toe. What woman doesn't want to feel like the belle of the ball while enjoying … Continue reading What’s Hot This Year?

Why the Facelift to AW?

You might have noticed AW has a new look. I decided to make some changes in response to your feedback. Some readers commented on the inability to see all the published articles. Awakened-Woman has over 200 articles in its Archives. If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, it brings you to a … Continue reading Why the Facelift to AW?

The Best Way to Get Over Being Ghosted

Have you ever ghosted anyone? Has someone ignored or declined your calls and texts after demonstrating interest or taking you on a date? It's an unwarranted disappearing act chosen as a way to cut the legs off the possibility of a relationship. Leaving behind a woman (or man), puzzled and questioning what sparked such action. … Continue reading The Best Way to Get Over Being Ghosted

Surviving a Bad Date

Sitting across from him, all I could smell was cigarette. The one he inhaled right before walking into the restaurant to meet me. It's not so much he was a smoker but the fact he lied about it. Why perpetrate a fraud to someone you've never even met! That was the beginning of a bad … Continue reading Surviving a Bad Date

Older Women Dating Younger Men

Dating is tough at any age but as we get older it just becomes a bit more complicated. We get set in our ways. The baggage we lug around can weigh down on our shoulders. For many the maturity helps us figure out the deal breakers. It offers time to learn what we want or … Continue reading Older Women Dating Younger Men

Does Chivalry Still Have a Pulse?

Romance and erotica novels have a vast female audience between the ages of about 30-54. It's estimated to be the most popular genre generating revenues in the billions. Harlequin Book, anyone? Decades ago, Jackie Collins books sold like hotcakes because the stories had a perfect balance. A love story with the just the right amount of … Continue reading Does Chivalry Still Have a Pulse?

How Important are Relationship Labels?

Wife, fiance, girlfriend, married and single - each word carries weight and expectations. Labels can give recognition in society. In the same way, titles and ranks do in corporations or any branches of the military. The higher your role in the named hierarchy, more power you're perceived to have compared to others. Labels are valued … Continue reading How Important are Relationship Labels?

The Art of Recycling Relationships

If your ex showed up at your door with jewelry, gifts, flowers and an out of this world, heartfelt apology. Would you take him back? Are you open and willing to jump back into those old boots? The boots you were wearing when you walked out on him after he critically wounded you over and … Continue reading The Art of Recycling Relationships

Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

I recently heard the story of a woman who had been in a relationship for 5 years. She loved her boyfriend very much. They had grown close over time. Sharing all kinds of special moments while dating. But uncovering a betrayal forced her to question everything, rightfully so. Confronting her truth was one of the … Continue reading Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

How To Stop Attracting the Wrong Men

Lets face it, relationship resumes aren't always strikingly impressive. In fact, many of us have kissed at least one frog. The part of the tale where the frog turns into a prince after a magic smooch? Well, that is incredibly deceitful! We've made some questionable choices in men. A combination of youth, inexperience or low … Continue reading How To Stop Attracting the Wrong Men