“Who’s Your Daddy?”

We’ve heard men refer to it, others criticize it or we ourselves have battled with it. The blog’s title can be misleading but this won’t be an article about bedroom chatter. While at lunch this week, I sat in a … Continue reading “Who’s Your Daddy?”

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Everyone has lied about something at one time or other. Men and women alike sometimes tell tales to get out of a compromising situation, avoid getting caught in a mess or save someone from hurt and embarrassment. Regardless of how … Continue reading The Lies We Tell Ourselves

RBG: One Woman’s Journey for Purpose

Do you know what your purpose is? Can we live a full life without one? Most importantly, have these questions crossed your mind? A conversation with a friend some time ago helped inspire my own mission to finding purpose. A … Continue reading RBG: One Woman’s Journey for Purpose


We’ve all felt the agony of loss, heartbreak, labor, illness or defeat. An overwhelming emotion that can cripple the strongest of men and women. For others, it can serve as a driver pushing them to the next plateau. Serena Williams … Continue reading Pain

What Are You Grateful for In Your Life?

We often find ourselves worrying about the things in life we are without. It takes attention away from the blessings we’ve been granted. I’m guilty as charged of the same transgression. Although, I try to practice gratitude its constant work. For … Continue reading What Are You Grateful for In Your Life?