Best Piece of Advice You Will Ever Get

In less than one week it will all come full circle. The beginning of a new chapter. A major part of the work that has been done up until this point will be seen. AW readers will have in their hands my first book.

Have you ever envisioned a goal or dream? Something so grand and amazing you don’t think you can pull it off? This book was the first vision of its kind for me. Through the years there were ideas that remained just that – a thought. This time the determination to follow through was relentless. The commitment to myself was greater than any pain or doubt encountered during the journey. The mission was to open a new door of limitless possibilities helping empower women everywhere along the way.

In 6 days, ”A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” will arrive at your door. One of the best parts of bringing anything to fruition is letting your baby go, to see what it can do on its own. However, true wonder is basking in the knowledge you have accomplished what you set out to do. Now, you can plan for the next level of greatness. If I was able to get this done – what else can I achieve?

There are days insecurity taps me on the shoulder. Fear of failure knocks at my door to remind me that I am human. What do I do when any of these creep into my mind? I do not answer to either. The whisper of a scared little girl does not intimidate me anymore!

The best piece of advice I can offer men and women alike is to keep leveling up! Once you get the taste of accomplishment, reach for the next one, and the one after that because it is the place where you will find greatness. Becoming the best self has little to do with acquiring fame or wealth. It is about stepping up. Show up for yourself everyday because it pays off.

I hope you take this small piece of advice and run with it!

Protected content. 2019

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