How to Free Yourself from the Shadows?

Once upon a time, there was comfort in playing the understudy. Giving anyone else the spotlight whether, friend, foe or love interest was the logical choice. In my mind, someone else was always more deserving of the attention. There was significant discomfort in letting people see me.

Acquiring the right relationships in your life can be a daunting task when you don’t know who you are or where you stand. Shuffling through dozens of people while you find the best ones for your circle demands effort. There are personalities that will inhale your air, leaving you breathless. They drain the energy around you, at times fooling you into taking a backseat. You end up living behind a curtain where no one can learn about your gifts. Long ago, I too played the role of Cyrano de Bergerac. Letting others steal the show was easier than allowing me to be visible. The risk of my fear being discovered (that I might not be good enough) was frightful.

Existing in anyone’s shadow is living in fear. You are not fully living if you’re not being yourself. It takes courage to show the world outside a genuine sense of who you are. Anyone can have an opinion but no one has the authority to tell you how to carry out your truth.

Shadows overpower you when you are not strong enough to step into the light. Consider what is possible. Imagine what can happen if you take a dare. Envision yourself walking into those shoes. Stand firm with conviction. Show up for your life, be bold but stay humble. Build the confidence that merits acknowledgment, particularly from you!

It isn’t necessary to hide behind a relationship, job or anything else to obstruct others’ view of you. Some people focus their energy on finding someone to like and spend their free time. Although, there is nothing wrong with the desire for company. It is crucial to invest in yourself. The realization of the significance of this exercise came to me after a breakup of a long-term relationship. Single and in emotional disarray, I was forced to learn how to hang out alone. It’s how the idea of dating myself was born – after the dating pool dried up. I took myself out on dates to get familiar with the woman. It was the best thing that happened during this period. It helped me understand quirks, fears, and insecurities but more importantly, it ultimately got me to embrace and appreciate all there was to me.

Freeing yourself from the shadows is scary. Everyone has skeletons they would prefer remain in a closet but always usually has a way of manifesting itself. It takes incredible effort to allow oneself to be seen, but even more to remain obscure. Make yourself comfortable at home first before you let others visit. If you love yourself most, the external world will have no alternative other than to accept you.

It comes down to self-love. Create a love so immense that it cannot be overshadowed. Let your light shine. Once you tap into this energy source, nothing can hold you back!

Protected content. 2019 awakened-woman.

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