How Passion for Self-Expression Led to Finding Purpose

Ariana, Miya, Shayla, and Brit are some of the most recognizable beauties of the collection. Vogue Magazine showcased three Ariana ponies in the music video "In My Head." The Ariana Grande Vogue Cover Video Performance has since sparked thousands of doppelgangers. The dramatically sexy look spread like wildfire, sparking young girls and women everywhere to … Continue reading How Passion for Self-Expression Led to Finding Purpose

Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is the Editor-in-Chief of Belleza XL magazine and host of Conversaciones con Jen Podcast. The successful lawyer and journalist crushed the stereotypes many of us have become accustomed to seeing when she broke barriers as a Plus Size top model. Jennifer is based in Caracas, Venezuela, the first Latina Plus Model has been … Continue reading Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

What’s Hot This Year?

What do many of us do when we have an upcoming social, work or family event - a celebration? You try to find the ideal outfit. The "It" dress, skirt, jacket, shoes that embellish your natural beauty from head to toe. What woman doesn't want to feel like the belle of the ball while enjoying … Continue reading What’s Hot This Year?

Shape, Craft and Mold Your Happiness

On Thursday night, I caught dinner with a girlfriend. Our hectic work and personal schedules made it challenging for us to find time to meet. The dinner was well worth the wait. Hours flew by before realizing the time. I decided to grab Uber home after dinner. It would make the commute less stressful and … Continue reading Shape, Craft and Mold Your Happiness

Why Read A Short Story?

We all remember reading short stories during our early school years. These good reads had a beginning, middle and end all wrapped up in small package. They were a great read leaving time for play afterwards. The nice part was the realization of the ending which usually left a small piece of wisdom or message … Continue reading Why Read A Short Story?

Nuestro Romance con los Zapatos

Los dias de semana nos invade la cabeza con mil cien topicos que nos trae estres. Las preocupaciones de la vida cotidiana no son facil de escapar. Yo trato de salir un poco de la rutina caminando. Al salir de la oficina los Viernes me gusta caminar! El Viernes pasado hice eso mismo. Andaba miramdo … Continue reading Nuestro Romance con los Zapatos

Our Love Affair with Shoes!

The work week feels long, exhausting and draining for many of us. We look for different ways to decompress from the madness that is life. I try to enjoy a brisk walk after the clock ticks at 5:00 pm. It gives me a chance to look at pretty things in the windows of SAKS, Michael … Continue reading Our Love Affair with Shoes!