The Anatomy of a Relationship

Our bodies run at ultimate performance when all parts are healthy. If you are of sound mind, your body will is likely to fall in line reinforcing good health. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that stress can take over our bodies to do the opposite. It slowly shuts it down creating havoc in our system. I think of my head as home base, somewhat of a control panel for my body. We have an average of close to 50 thoughts per minute. Our deepest, most intimate thoughts and dreams are saved in a corner of our mind space. We process events and ideas through this wondrous computer. If we can ponder the thought for a minute, it really does put bit of pressure on our shoulders. We are bogged down by dozens of activities throughout our day. Walking, jogging, and running to the next meeting, school pickup or chore that is required. The weight we tack on our knees is another load we can add to the weight our bodies have to carry. Head to toe we are wired almost perfectly. Each body part has a particular function that works with another to enhance performance. The human body is an amazing piece of machinery, isn’t it? While many of us understand and cherish the anatomy of it, others abuse it running it down to the ground.

A relationship can meet the same fate if not taken care of properly. It can slowly wither away leaving only a shell of the robust picture of happiness once experienced by two people. Love helps keep a relationship alive. It pumps endless emotion into their hopes and dreams. The early days of love will have us doing all we can to intensify the special connection. The exhilaration nourishes the life of it but other nutrients are needed in order for it to continue thriving. Although, it’s a primary source of energy providing  strength and desire to make the necessary compromises, a relationship can’t exist on love alone. Communication is a key nutrient in helping to build endurance. An absence of the verbal and non-verbal exchanges can be as detrimental to a relationship as a body going without food or water for over a month. Communication assists in keeping the body of the relationship intact. Staying receptive as well as sharing information will create a bond uneasily broken. The remaining pieces such as loyalty, trust, respect, likability-connection and support are the arms, legs, and knees working together to maintain all body upright.

If partners put their best foot forward toward goals that are in alignment with each other it can significantly increase the good health of a union.  The evolution of it can strengthen or weaken depending what you’re supplying. Proper nutrients encourages growth enabling things to function at maximum capacity. Challenges will always come in relationships and life. If you lack proper nourishment the relationship will decay from the inside out. You want to be strong enough to have the ability to fight negative elements. A solid core has better chances of withstanding most afflictions.

Couples are at their strongest when all parts work in conjunction with each other, same as our bodies.

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