What to Do, If You’re Dating Mr. Panda?

When thinking about pandas, we imagine warm, fuzzy, cuddly and adorable bears. These animals can evoke “Aww” sounds from the coldest of people. Imagine a panda in the form of a male human, you may attribute some of the kindest traits to describe him. Words that come to mind include gentle, sensitive, understanding, giving – a people pleaser made to order. All the great makings of a good guy, no? Qualities that would make you want to date the guy.

Plenty of men, who remain nameless have a number of these impressive qualities. Although, they don’t always possess the confidence, attractiveness or experience to impress you. Throughout this article, I will affectionately nickname him, Mr. Panda. There are countless of them waiting for a chance with you.

Bad boys have long been protagonist of the worst but most exciting love stories. They are usually the winners in a duel for a woman’s attention. Sometimes, I think we choose the bad boy to honor the challenge of being that one girl that will change him for better. It’s also the thrill of living on the edge. An exciting place we can let go of the rigid rules set forth to ensure proper behavior as a woman. Either way, for a number of women, bad boys not only have appeal, these relationships mostly leave a long trail of disappointment.

Dating is a game of hit or miss. There are often misses we wish to forget. Post-divorce dating was a dreadful exercise. My dating pool didn’t have a large number of nice guys on stand by to pick from, it could be due to timing.  When your mind is not in the right head space it is wasted energy. If you are not truly ready or open to new love things somehow go sideways! We get what we think we deserve.

I’ve had girlfriends that encountered really nice guys but the courtship didn’t quite work out. The main complaint? The men were too nice or boring. The dates lacked spark, chemistry or a fun vibe. Have you ever heard a woman lack attraction for a man that is not interesting or exciting enough? Of course, it’s how many of us spent our 20s, isn’t it? It’s what got us in trouble in the first place!

Experience has changed my perspective on dating Mr. Panda, a.k.a “Nice Guy.” Dating helps you figure out what type of man is right, as well as, not good for you. Finding out what kind of partner you are compatible with means giving someone a chance that otherwise, might not check all the boxes in the beginning. The initial feeling of “Like a Moth to a Flame” injects a rush to the senses but does intoxication outlive the emotion of being with someone who embraces you as a whole and is there when it counts?

Giving nice guys a chance can open the door to a different possibility. One where a relationship is nurtured, shaped and built on a sound foundation. Where two people progressively learn to appreciate virtues and accept flaws. It can spark a different type of chemistry that goes far beyond the flesh. Reaching places within that touch the depths of your soul. Connections are made every day, various types of bonding that last as little or as long as we remain engaged.

Giving Mr. Panda a shot at dating can offer a chance for you to experience a deeper kind of spark. If nothing else, you will hopefully, save a pleasant memory to your book of life.

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